A Whole New World – Terraria V1.1 Released, 75% Off Today Only

While not as huge as Minecraft yet, Terraria is catching up fast. Over 1 million sales in a few short months, compared to Minecraft’s 4 million over several years – it’s a definite contender for indie megahit of the year. It’s hard to believe that it was rushed out early to help fund repairs on the developers car, and that the previous release by the developer was Super Mario Bros X, a Mario fan-game. Rags to riches indeed. ReLogic haven’t been squandering their newfound fortune, either. Released today is an update for Terraria so huge that it effectively doubles the size of the game.

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WhiteLightning2149d ago (Edited 2149d ago )

The's beautiful

So packed with features and theres till more to come in the future.

We got 1.8 of Minecraft and it didn't even feel as packed as this does

Notch...take note.