High-def war: Will there be a winner? writes:

"Santa might have an easier time deciding who's naughty or nice this Christmas than choosing one of the next-generation DVD players for people on the good list.

But he also might be better off choosing neither Blu-ray Disc nor HD DVD - at least if he believes Consumer Reports and some industry analysts.

The high-definition home-video formats both offer improved picture and sound quality over standard DVDs. The problem is the two formats are incompatible, forcing consumers to make a choice between players, which typically cost about $400.

To complicate matters, the major Hollywood movie studios have taken sides, so consumers need a Blu-ray player to see Spider-Man 3 but an HD DVD player to see Shrek the Third - if they want to view the higher-quality versions of those films."

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Multigamer3880d ago

not for a while there wont be

ruibing3880d ago

Oh jeez, just how many of these debate/analysis articles are there going to be? They always go through the same argument and comes to the same neutral conclusion. And when they don't, they leave out information and bias their entire article.

name3880d ago

But blu ray is already winning. And it has a large lead as well. How big must it's lead be for there to be a "winner"? When HD DVD just gives up or something? It seems as if good blu ray news is that its selling alot more, and good HD DVD news is that they both lose. =/ Sorry if it comes off as dismissive, that's just how I see it.

Fighter3880d ago

In January alone Blu ray has more titles than HD DVD. The HD DVD line up is always pathetic and it shows in the weekly numbers.

Zhuk3880d ago

I hope DVD wins so I don't have to buy everything all over again

tethered3880d ago

Why would you need to buy everything all over again.
Both Blu-ray and HD-DVD players play existing, standard DVD's.
The only thing you would be buying is new movies in HD.

I never planned on buying all my DVD's over again.

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The story is too old to be commented.