HD TV loses its definition

The Times Online writes:

"CHRISTMAS shoppers are being warned not to rush into buying the next generation of high-definition (HD) TVs because they could end up paying for technology they never use.

The new TVs, labelled as "full HD" or "1080p" in high-street stores, are set to be big sellers this festive season because they promise better-quality pictures than the established "HD-ready" sets – the must-have item for last summer's World Cup.

However, Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, said last week that there were no firm plans to allow UK broadcasters to transmit TV signals that take advantage of the new technology, leaving consumers with expensive equipment that potentially offers little more than HD-ready sets."

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Multigamer3880d ago

only sky has 3 channels that u have to pay extra for that supports HD, i know bbc are doing a free hd channel but that aint coming for ages.

lynx1halo3880d ago

UK???????????????????????? LOL

tonsoffun3879d ago

Not true bud -

BBC HD is up and broadcasting on Virgin Media and Sky.

predator3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

its gona be a while before actual tv coems across to HD.

oh well that means more hd dvd/blu ray movies and HD gaming with the 360/ps3

edit: im in the UK so not many hd channels at all

drewdrakes3880d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

If youre in North America you can get the majority of channels in HD already. They are being broadcast everywhere. Its free too, all you need is an antenna and an HD tuner in your TV. Not a lot of people know this i guess.

Edit to below: What im saying is that you dont need a provider. The channels are free and in the air. There are more channels then you know. I do have a provider and i have about 40 HD channels, so maybe you should either go with the free way and get an antenna, or get a better provider.

Also 1080p will never be broadcast, it takes up way too much bandwidth. lol im sure by now everyone knows the difference between the i and p. Or at least id hope so. Just stick with 720 everything looks fine unless your tv goes up and above 50".

Ju3880d ago NA...well, I have Cox, and I have about 14 HD channels (out of, uh, 400?). Some are broadcasted in 720p and some in 1080i. The content of half of it is SD for 90% of the time. Recently NBC started to have their TV shows in HD, but what about my beloved SiFi Channel? HD might come, and Dish (AFAIK) has announced 104 (or so) channels in HD. But, again, the HD content is dripping in slowly, very slowly.

I think what the article actually means, is, that HD TV will never been broadcasted in full 1080P (the P is important). But what they don't get is, that even if you want to see the full 1080i picture, your TV needs a physical full 1080 resolution (its still 1920x1080 pixels, even if "i"). So, adding some more "logic" to not only show an I but a P signal is a nobrainer for the manufacturers. The expensive stuff is the display itself, not the electronics. While I am happy with my 720p (and downscaled 1080), I would certainly go for a 1080 for my next display(s) - need to replace some more over the next year. And a "real HD" set would spear me a monitor, which a 720p would not (not high enough resolution).

jaja14343879d ago


Are you confusing HD with Digital? Because there are no channels you can get without cable that are in HD.

drewdrakes3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

jaja - nope. My uncle gets all HD channels free using only an antenna. TV stations dont care about money to subscribe to their channel, they make money off advertising. All channels are in the air and free. You must have an HD tuner in your TV though, or some way to convert the HD signal to one your TV can handle.

Edit to below: I agree with you :) my uncle lives across the lake from Buffalo though, so hes in a prime location to receive numerous channels.

jaja14343879d ago

I googled. :)
You are correct that you can watch some channels, most articles said around 5 depending on where you live. But it still seems silly to buy a 600$ TV and not get a HD cable package!

Texas GMR3879d ago

80% of your good HD programs come on your local channels over an antenna.(if your have a tunner built in)

So buying an HD package is not a necessity.

Oh, by the way, I have the HD package on my DirecTV service. :-)

Snukadaman3879d ago

whole channels cost more with charter discovery hd and espn hd.

jams_shop3879d ago

I have like 10 or 11 channels with no cable box nor satellite dish

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Prismo_Fillusion3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Upon reading the entire article, it's against buying a 1080p set. But not 780p/1080i. This wasn't clear from the title/description.

stennexxx3880d ago

Just buy a 1080P when you decide to buy a HDtv.

predator3880d ago

well i rushed in, i dont regret it tho since i can watch hi def movies and hd gaming but mine is 480p/780p and 1080i samsung (1 week after getting it it droped from £900 to £550) u can imagine what was coming out of my mouth when i heard that

TheMART3880d ago

Depends. A 720p/1080i HDTV 32 or 37 inch costs about 600 to 800 Euro (Samsung for example). A 1080p HDTV about 37 to 42 inch will cost you between 1400 and 1800 Euro.

One should only buy a 1080p HDTV if one watches a lot of movies from disc/HDD that is 1080p. Although 1080i works for movies also.

I would say a good 720p is a better choice for a gamer/HDTV future TV stations will transmit in 720p/1080i and not 1080p.

jaja14343879d ago

I rather not spend an extra 500-600 for that little "p". I would love to have it but the Wal-Mart shopper in me says no...hell no...what the hell are you thinking no.

Hes a very loud voice.

Fighter3880d ago

1080p is the way to go. All movies (both HD DVD and Blu-ray) will be mastered in 1080p and it makes a huge difference from 720p. Right now 720p is the standard for TV but it will upgrade to 1080p.

All future games from the end of 2008 and forward will probably use 1080p but I think it will only be the PS3 since the Xbox 360 doesn't natively have 1080p because most of the consoles don't have HDMI slots..

RuffRyder3880d ago

-Firstly 1080p only matters when you have a TV thats over 50 inches, otherwise 720p is just fine and there is no difference between 720p and 1080p to the untrained eye.

-Secondly HDMI is not needed to get 1080p, you can use either component or vga.

Fighter3880d ago

I have a 42' LCD HDTV and 1080p makes a huge difference when comparing to 720p/1080i. To find out how it's better you will need a 1080p tv and go to the display setting on you PS3(or 360) and set it to 720p and play your games for a while in 720p/1080i. Then go back to the settings and set it to 1080p and play your games, you will see more details on games. Same goes for those HD movies.

drewdrakes3880d ago

Xbox 360 doesnt natively support 1080p? How do you know this? All you know is that it supports it. It supports 1080p just as much as the PS3.

Bolts3880d ago

Ruff simply could not be more wrong. I've watched HDDVDs in both 720p and 1080i on a 42 inch set and the difference between them is pretty clear, the 1080i version looks so much better. The only thing I can't tell is the differences between 1080i HDDVDs and Blurays 1080p.

Lets not forget that most of the 720p TVs looks like crap when compared to the latest 1080p Samsung or XBR 4 and it doesn't even require a super high quality source like Bluray to tell the difference.

Armyless3879d ago

I have a 42" television and there is a noticeable difference between 720p and 1080p. As a matter of fact, and this is not just "opinion", the difference in pixel resolution between 720 and 1080 is the same as the leap from 480 to 720.

While there IS a point where screen size cuts into the need for 1080 vs. 720, you have to factor how closely you sit to the television. Larger TV's have larger pixels.

I can run Picture in Picture with a football game in the bottom right corner of the screen and I can CLEARLY READ ALL THE SCORES. I can even still read the names on their jerseys.

When I do Picture-by-Picture and have two video sources on the screen side by side, my 720p sources DO NOT LOSE ANY RESOLUTION.

In other words, think about why you want HD. Is it because you want a big-screen flat-panel television? Or do you want a big screen HD flat-panel television?

Si-Pie3879d ago

Well at a 32" (which is what I have) there is no difference at all between 1080P and 720P so I arnt bothered at all about 1080 P TVs as 32" is big enough for me.

snakeater3879d ago

everybody say it together 1080p and nothing less games look so much better on 1080p,anyone who doesnt agree cant afford it

Si-Pie3879d ago

I know 1080P is better on a 42" + screen as ive tested it but anything below honestly there is no difference. So if your room is quite small and 32" is big enough then you wont benefit from 1080P at all! Besides I dont think you can get 1080P 32" LCDs as there is no need for them.

bombzombie3876d ago

Here's my proof!!!

Where is yours biotcheees?

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