EDGE Give Mass Effect: 7 / 10

Mass Effect is part KOTOR and Jade Empire, part Gears Of War and Ghost Recon, but does it live up to the hype its title suggests?.

Edge writes:

"So what, exactly, is a mass effect? Is it something to do with the outcome of elaborate physics experiments? Is it a time and space altering technology created by ancient aliens? (Apparently, it is.) Or is it what happens when BioWare, famed for Baldur's Gate and Knights Of The Old Republic, decides to make its own version of Star Wars?"

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wil4hire3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

4 bucks say no.


Thought this was a new review.

Everyone send me your home address... I'll send 4 dollars.. in a box... mind the ticking.

MK_Red3946d ago

It's already there (And has been for some time if I'm not mistaken):

power of Green 3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

You're the worst kind of fanboy, you don't even try to make points your motives are based from pure malice and never have any points or at least points adults can decipher.

This game has raised the bar so high I have trouble Appreciating other games. Its going to take monsters like Alan Wake and Project Offset to get my heart pumping in excitement
again. You should try to save your bubbles by not trolling with your worthless opinions and comments.

Prismo_Fillusion3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

...and wil4hire instantly owes everyone on N4G 4 dollars. I'll PM you my mailing address and await my money.

Edit: It comes with a free watch? Better be a Rolex.

consolewar3946d ago

this year the Ps3 got *****. Let's "wait" for 2008.

Bull5hifT3946d ago

alan wake was cancelled instead their using the tech theyv'e made for MAX
PAYNE 3: The Golden Year......someone bought someone, and that company leaned towards Micro$ way

i was excited about a next gen max payne, but what more can they pull out of the story he went from 20 to 45 and 60-somthing would be weird and in the story he made it sound like nothing exciting happened any of the years earlier.....i suspect L.A. Noire will be the same type of thing

wasnt Marvels "The Punisher's" pretty much the same story as max paynes?

i wish Bungie would go back to when they were a part of rockstar games, Take 2, and 2K games , and would make an awsome game but micro$ still has a leash on them SUX

razer3946d ago

Care to provide a link showing that Alan Wake is cancelled??

I believe just a few weeks ago when the Sony tard Shane B. from 1up went on about a particular high profile game being cancelled for the 360. The Alan Wake dev's were quick to say "it is not our game!".

And Oni was published by Rockstar but Bungie was never a part of them.

I can see by your anti-MS comments you are just a hater and a poor one at that.

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Multigamer3946d ago

edge 2 most unrealable review site, just behind gamespot

crank3946d ago

yes, completely unrealable

razer3946d ago

They are pure garbage.

A 7 is an insult to this game. I believe it deserves the 9's it has received. It's funny because Oblivion had a lot of the same issues this game did but everyone put it on a pedestal and praised it.

Tryst3946d ago

I'd like to know if you were saying the exact same thing when they gave Halo3 10/10 a couple of months back.

MK_Red3946d ago

That's the best reviewer EVER :)
Seriously, it is becoming more and more clear that we should all review games for themselves and do not trust outside reviews.

consolewar3946d ago

I'll switch to my own review when I find it convenient. "say my favorite game on my favorite console wont deliver I'll switch to petition/conspiracy mode". Oh yeah I already feel better, yes I feel much better.

green3946d ago

didnt they give bioshock an 8?

Mass Effect has a few issues but its a game that the whole experience is far greater than the sum of its parts.its not the kind of game you just simply go into and rate GRAPHICS,SOUND,GAMEPLAY and so on then take the average and give it a score,that to me just dosent work for a game like this.You have to look at how its trying to push what is achievable in the RPG sector and if it has succeeded in that sector, which it most definitely has.

EDGE is seriously loosing its credibility

Prismo_Fillusion3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

Yep, just checked meta. They gave Bioshock an 8, the lowest score on metacritic. So apparently they really do fail at reviewing, at least with two games that deserve at least a 9.

Edit: Just before anyone starts saying they're biased against the 360, they gave Halo 3 a 10.

MK_Red3946d ago

True and that's the reason I hate EDGE and believe they are less reliable than GameSpot. And now their 7 for Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed proves that they are the worst.
And they are NOT to harsh in general. They gave 9 to PGR4 and 7 to MOH: Airbourne.

dantesparda3946d ago

Isnt that sweet, now the 360 fanboys are b!tching about review scores. When its not the PS3 fanboys then its the 360 ones. You people are pathetic! stop caring about other peoples review scores. Judge it for yourselves

mighty_douche3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

in my opinion not ONE game out this year earned anything more than 8/10. giving games high 9's or 10 is rediculous, a game will never be perfect and there for doesnt earn 10/10, fame rates, texture pop anything, its all still an error.

if you guys enjoy playing the game thats ALL that matters, the only opinion that you need is your own. All this "EDGE are lossing respect/credibility" its stupid, why? just because they didnt score a game you like 10/10? people are allowed different opinions, thats why they are called OPINIONS!

MK_Red3946d ago

If EDGE was consistant and gave all games 5-7s, it was acceptable BUT this is the same EDGE that gave 10/10 to Halo 3 and 9/10 to PGR4.

mighty_douche3946d ago

but, if they gave great scores to Halo and PGR, both 360 and a lower score to ME that to me shows there is no bias happening, something which 90% of this website claim reviewrs to be. so what exactly do people what? do you need reassurance that your game is good? maybe this is just how the reviewer saw the game, i personally have played very little ME, but from what ive played id give it 5/10 purely because its not my thing, now does that make me evil in your eyes? im confused as to what you people want from reviews, 10/10 and its biased, 7/10 and they lose credibility/respect. its a rewiew, an opinion, a point of view, a personal judgement, its not the word of god.

dantesparda3946d ago

Brother! Amen! Problem is that most of these people on these sites are fanboys who cant take any form of critismism about their systems or its games.