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Submitted by predator 2989d ago | review

EDGE Give Mass Effect: 7 / 10

Mass Effect is part KOTOR and Jade Empire, part Gears Of War and Ghost Recon, but does it live up to the hype its title suggests?.

Edge writes:

"So what, exactly, is a mass effect? Is it something to do with the outcome of elaborate physics experiments? Is it a time and space altering technology created by ancient aliens? (Apparently, it is.) Or is it what happens when BioWare, famed for Baldur's Gate and Knights Of The Old Republic, decides to make its own version of Star Wars?" (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 7/10

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wil4hire  +   2989d ago
Lets see if this makes it to Metacritic or Gamerankings.. hmm.
4 bucks say no.


Thought this was a new review.

Everyone send me your home address... I'll send 4 dollars.. in a box... mind the ticking.
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MK_Red  +   2989d ago
It's already there (And has been for some time if I'm not mistaken):
power of Green  +   2989d ago
You're the worst kind of fanboy, you don't even try to make points your motives are based from pure malice and never have any points or at least points adults can decipher.

This game has raised the bar so high I have trouble Appreciating other games. Its going to take monsters like Alan Wake and Project Offset to get my heart pumping in excitement
again. You should try to save your bubbles by not trolling with your worthless opinions and comments.
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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2989d ago
...and wil4hire instantly owes everyone on N4G 4 dollars. I'll PM you my mailing address and await my money.

Edit: It comes with a free watch? Better be a Rolex.
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consolewar  +   2989d ago
For those that bought the PS3 just give up......
this year the Ps3 got *****. Let's "wait" for 2008.
Bull5hifT  +   2988d ago
Alan wake was cancelled , istead working on Max Payne 3 to release along side Movie Version
alan wake was cancelled instead their using the tech theyv'e made for MAX
PAYNE 3: The Golden Year......someone bought someone, and that company leaned towards Micro$ way

i was excited about a next gen max payne, but what more can they pull out of the story he went from 20 to 45 and 60-somthing would be weird and in the story he made it sound like nothing exciting happened any of the years earlier.....i suspect L.A. Noire will be the same type of thing

wasnt Marvels "The Punisher's" pretty much the same story as max paynes?

i wish Bungie would go back to when they were a part of rockstar games, Take 2, and 2K games , and would make an awsome game but micro$ still has a leash on them SUX
razer  +   2988d ago
Care to provide a link showing that Alan Wake is cancelled??

I believe just a few weeks ago when the Sony tard Shane B. from 1up went on about a particular high profile game being cancelled for the 360. The Alan Wake dev's were quick to say "it is not our game!".

And Oni was published by Rockstar but Bungie was never a part of them.

I can see by your anti-MS comments you are just a hater and a poor one at that.
Multigamer  +   2989d ago
edge 2 most unrealable review site, just behind gamespot
crank  +   2988d ago
yes, completely unrealable
razer  +   2988d ago
Completely agree.
They are pure garbage.

A 7 is an insult to this game. I believe it deserves the 9's it has received. It's funny because Oblivion had a lot of the same issues this game did but everyone put it on a pedestal and praised it.
Tryst  +   2988d ago
I'd like to know if you were saying the exact same thing when they gave Halo3 10/10 a couple of months back.
predator  +   2989d ago
im my own reviewer
MK_Red  +   2989d ago
That's the best reviewer EVER :)
Seriously, it is becoming more and more clear that we should all review games for themselves and do not trust outside reviews.
consolewar  +   2989d ago
I agree with you.....
I'll switch to my own review when I find it convenient. "say my favorite game on my favorite console wont deliver I'll switch to petition/conspiracy mode". Oh yeah I already feel better, yes I feel much better.
green  +   2989d ago
didnt they give bioshock an 8?

Mass Effect has a few issues but its a game that the whole experience is far greater than the sum of its parts.its not the kind of game you just simply go into and rate GRAPHICS,SOUND,GAMEPLAY and so on then take the average and give it a score,that to me just dosent work for a game like this.You have to look at how its trying to push what is achievable in the RPG sector and if it has succeeded in that sector, which it most definitely has.

EDGE is seriously loosing its credibility
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2989d ago
Yep, just checked meta. They gave Bioshock an 8, the lowest score on metacritic. So apparently they really do fail at reviewing, at least with two games that deserve at least a 9.

Edit: Just before anyone starts saying they're biased against the 360, they gave Halo 3 a 10.
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MK_Red  +   2989d ago
True and that's the reason I hate EDGE and believe they are less reliable than GameSpot. And now their 7 for Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed proves that they are the worst.
And they are NOT to harsh in general. They gave 9 to PGR4 and 7 to MOH: Airbourne.
dantesparda  +   2988d ago
Isnt that sweet, now the 360 fanboys are b!tching about review scores. When its not the PS3 fanboys then its the 360 ones. You people are pathetic! stop caring about other peoples review scores. Judge it for yourselves
mighty_douche  +   2989d ago
moan moan moan......
in my opinion not ONE game out this year earned anything more than 8/10. giving games high 9's or 10 is rediculous, a game will never be perfect and there for doesnt earn 10/10, fame rates, texture pop anything, its all still an error.

if you guys enjoy playing the game thats ALL that matters, the only opinion that you need is your own. All this "EDGE are lossing respect/credibility" its stupid, why? just because they didnt score a game you like 10/10? people are allowed different opinions, thats why they are called OPINIONS!
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MK_Red  +   2989d ago
If EDGE was consistant and gave all games 5-7s, it was acceptable BUT this is the same EDGE that gave 10/10 to Halo 3 and 9/10 to PGR4.
mighty_douche  +   2989d ago
but, if they gave great scores to Halo and PGR, both 360 and a lower score to ME that to me shows there is no bias happening, something which 90% of this website claim reviewrs to be. so what exactly do people what? do you need reassurance that your game is good? maybe this is just how the reviewer saw the game, i personally have played very little ME, but from what ive played id give it 5/10 purely because its not my thing, now does that make me evil in your eyes? im confused as to what you people want from reviews, 10/10 and its biased, 7/10 and they lose credibility/respect. its a rewiew, an opinion, a point of view, a personal judgement, its not the word of god.
dantesparda  +   2988d ago
Brother! Amen! Problem is that most of these people on these sites are fanboys who cant take any form of critismism about their systems or its games.
SuperSaiyan4  +   2989d ago
My opinion on
HALO 3 is that single player was ok again hyped too much and failed to deliver, online is terrible I give it a 7/10.

PGR4 well BC will never get it right as PGR2 felt and played the best so PGR4 gets a 7/10.

Mass Effect gets a 9/10 it would have got 10 if it didnt have texture pop up issues and frame rate issues other than that the game is fantastic and I am now on my 3rd playthrough!
allforcalisto  +   2988d ago
a little rant
"Even you, the one supposedly in charge of the game’s narrative, feel emotionally suppressed. That Mass Effect presents the same binary moral choices as KOTOR is no surprise – the Dark/Light balance there becomes Paragon/Renegade here – but you’d have expected a more nuanced result after all these years. The conversation wheel, which pops up early to keep the speech rolling, asks you to choose tone rather than precise words. At worst, the choices are so moderate as to be more or less the same, and the words which come out don’t relate."

And the dialogue system that soooo many have praised isn't the revoulution like i thought it wouldn't be. there's no way in hell it would've been possible for it to be as great as i thought without advanced sims' style A.I.

i wish people didnt spout that crap "omg western rpgs are better because you're making your story and you have choice"
no son with a lot of these wrpgs there are still rigid walls you HAVE to go down. You only have the choice to view the storyline bioware have crafted for you from different angles. It's still essentially the same story(20 hr). The shift in (space odyssey) narrative if the character was truly liberated and you had choice should have resulted in a mix of character types i.e. (godfather=mob boss) (taxi driver=loner) (raging bull=short tempered boxer).
You're character should be able to go down similar routes as diverse as this effortlessly.

All you're really doing is deviating from the inevitable big choice in slight ways that don't give that much emotional satisfaction. In order for their hyped system to work they'd need to literally construct widely different story elements.
but then that'd annoy the star-wars fappers that are the one's who'll give this flawed game 10/10. "omg i'm in star trek" ugh

if you're WRPG character doesn't react realistically to every minute change in the narrative stream with realism, then it flops. What bioware did (i didnt even see this coming) was they made sure that a lot of the time 2 or so of your responses in a specific scene would get the same results. With 22,000 lines of dialogue what else are they gonna do?

everything i guessed would make this game a dissapointment has come up. From the emotionless trader/medic/soldier npcs, to the recycled sub-quest areas, and excess of futurist sterile silver locations.
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power of Green  +   2988d ago
More worthless PS3 fanboy spam I guess PS3 doesn't have a game big enough for haters to try and pick it apart due to envy and spite.

Like A child's rant you can rip apart any game with a fanatical standard.

Leave no one wants to hear you PS3 fanboyism(almost a sickness or social dissorder its so bad).

This PS3 fanboy comes in here to complain about things no other console game has added to gaming and speaks from a supposed standpoint as if the PS3 has a game this complex. lol

Please help shut this troll up how he avoids attention is beyond me, he's in every 360 thread talking stupid sh*t)
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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2988d ago
He didn't say anything untrue though. Read through it and you'll realize that. It's more of a question of: does that stuff bother you at all? The answer from most people would be 'no'.

I'm undecided myself. Kotor was a lot of fun, but there was something dull about the dialogue and "choices" I got to make. I imagine Mass Effect is similar, though I haven't played it yet.
allforcalisto  +   2988d ago
stop crying power of green
If i had posted "MAsss effect is the suxxxoorrss lol 360tards" yeah you'd have the right to call it spam.

"I guess the ps3 doesn't have a game"

see the thing is, i had wanted mass effect since 05-06 ish but then as more vids got released i started to lower my expectations a lot.

by no means am i saying its a terrible terrible game, just that it was overhyped to hell, and the selling point for a lot of gamers out there isn't that its a revolutionary rpg(cause it aint), but how well it lives up to their ideals of a star-trek/star wars simulation.

there are many who share this OPINION (just check the GS ME forums)

There's a few long-time 360 fanboys on GS who are faaar more critical about the game than i am.

grow up dude.
power of Green  +   2988d ago
"He didn't say anything untrue though"
That depends on who's playing it. The guy's a rabid troll matter of fact you should shut your ignorant ass up unless you have played it *not talking to you if you played it*

Its what he's doing thats bugging me not what he's saying.

He trolls these threads, how many times do we need to hear from this guy about this game every other ME thread he spews the same sh*t. Sure some don't like it but this PS3 fanboy troll needs to grow up, it only takes a few times to express your feelings about this game not every GOD DAM POST ABOUT ME.

HE's just a clever PS3 fanatic...

I doubt this POS played it yet he spams every ME post for the most part saying things that are the opisite of what the owners view as value.

What is he doing? making sure all 14 million 360 owners know he thinks this game is average and worth a 5 out of 10?. If PS3 fanboys payed half the attention to the PS3 and its games that they do with the Xbox side of things PS3 would be selling more software etc.
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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2988d ago
"matter of fact you should shut you ignorant ass up unless you have played it *not talking to you if you played it* "
So if you haven't played a game, you're not allowed to find any flaws in it? are a couple recent quotes from you...

"I'd be worried about Killzone 2 not this game..
LOL You PS3 fanboys are comming in here to spite this game because KillZone 2 looks like a PS2 game."

"They were smoking Dope Uncharted looks like sh*t in my opinion"

Oops, caught red-handed!

And just for good measure I'll let you know that I think Mass Effect should be right up there for Game of the Year.
power of Green  +   2988d ago
"So if you haven't played a game, you're not allowed to find any flaws in it? Hmm..."
Yah A high scoring game should not be picked apart when its greatness easily outshines flaws although what that fanboy" was pointing out! are not flaws 99% of casual and hardcore gamers alike would be concerned with.

WTF is he even talking about in his original post anyways?(post #7).

This comforts PS3 fanboys trying to pick apart this title and makes them feel better about the PS3 purchase ingnoring the bulk of the reviews but writting off the game with the handful of bad reviews.

He keeps comming back thats the problem.

#7.6 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
allforcalisto  +   2988d ago
funny thing is
i dont even have a ps3 yet.

"Yah A high scoring game should not be picked apart when its greatness easily outshines flaws although what that fanboy" was pointing out! are not flaws 99% of casual and hardcore gamers alike would be concerned with.

WTF is he even talking about in his original post anyways?(post #7)."

for a moment i actually thought i'd take you seriously.

Its kinda sad that you saw my original post as a Ps3 vs 360 debate.
it wasn't at all. If you re-read it there is no mention of either ps3 or 360. If ME had come out on the ps3 i'd be doing the same thing. if you look at my post history you'll know i'm a bioware fan. I've played Baldurs gate, nevewinter, icewind dale, kotor(one of my favourite games ever) played jade empire(didnt finish).
Another reason why i posted this was because of posters like you, zhuk and the mart, who were saying silly things along the lines of; "the ps3 will never dream of having an rpg like this" "there won't be a game as good as this on ps3 ever!"

The_Engineer  +   2988d ago
why do waste your time with PoGreenshit? he's a fanatical xbot turd who thinks anyone critical of a 360 game is a PS3 fan....."he needs heavy meds" is an understatement for this spaz.
Blitzed  +   2988d ago
LOL You make it too easy for people to rip on you. Prismo totally exposed you for the hypocrite you are (which happens so often now its funny). There isnt a bigger hypocrite on N4G. I cant imagine you even have any cred with 360 fans anymore. How is allforcalisto's post any different from your posts in just about every PS3 review or preview? I cant believe you responded without even acknowledging what he was actually saying, you just don't get it. I guess thats the Power of Denial.
#7.9 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Legend  +   2988d ago
PowerofGreen, I believe what you are doing is known to psychologists as "projection." Nowhere in allforcalisto's original post did he even mention the PS3; you did that in your post and then proceeded to confuse the issue, having no idea what he even said. Your responses are some b4tsh1t funny stuff and your insanity has made my morning, but even though I have been personally entertained by you, might I suggest seeking one of these mental health professionals out because it is clear you are seeing and hearing things that aren't there, and that is a very serious issue.
skagrerrrr  +   2988d ago
Mass Effect
has it's faults but nothing worth crying about.

If you don't like the game then don't play.
supermandead666  +   2988d ago
Guess the reviewer didn't get the cheque from M$.
InMyOpinion  +   2988d ago
He got it from $ony instead.
JokesOnYou  +   2988d ago
lmfao @ wil4hire
always spewing so much hate and just when I think he can't embarrass himself any worse than he has before, he manages to prove me wrong, ha ha....keep the 4 bucks, I think you need it.=

btw, to each his own, I'm loving ME, its taking too much of my time right now some of my bud's keep sending messages to get me to play some COD4, but I've been too deep in the story, think I'll take a break though and play a few rounds with 'em tommorrow, anyway lol @ the haters=

skagrerrrr  +   2988d ago
nice to know you like the ME too
skagrerrrr  +   2988d ago
ME has good reviews.

So how come all the beeyotching by some crybabies?

If you don't like the game then don't play...
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JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2988d ago
Every PS3 fanboy just got pwned by that one link
WTG The Mart, (just post the truth) I bet we get a couple "Mass Eflops" and "RROD" comments in here. They call it a flop but it's done better than everything they have in reviews and in sales, so what do they call the PS3 games successes? I just love smelling the jealousy in the air, it smells like "victory". Well you (LOL) allways have "08" but I wonder what your going to say when you lose then to? wait till "09"?
#11.2 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
gamesblow  +   2988d ago
No one got owned with that link... Gamerankings is an affiliate of Cnet and Microsoft... they're notorious for not using sites for reviews on Sony's end when it suits them and using them when it suits them for xbox 360 reviews and overall %'s. Those % sites, both of them... are piece's of jokes! Bias as they come. R&C has 13 reviews now, all above 9's that were never counted. Why is that? Would you like the list? Uncharted has 8 9+ scores that have never been counted. why si that? Are they gonna get around to these sometime?

Also, why is every official xbox site and mag used for xbox 360 overalls, when a great deal of Sony's official sites can't be used? Why is that?

R&C scores... not used

gameplayer - 8/10
loadingreality 9.5/10
justpressplay 9.5/10
ign AU - 9.4/10
slashdot - 8/10
gamesarefun - 10/10
pcn - 9/10
sydney morning herald- 9/10
wonderwallweb - 9.8/10
playtm - 8.2/10
videogamemedia - 9.3/10
play:digitial video review - 10/10
netjak - 9.6/10.

Wanna talk about it?
#11.3 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2988d ago
gameblow haha

now R&C 8.9 ohhhh that must have hurt.
#11.4 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
waldopepper  +   2988d ago
"..they're notorious for not using sites for reviews on Sony's end when it suits them and using them when it suits them for xbox 360 reviews and overall %'s. Those % sites, both of them... are piece's of jokes! Bias as they come. R&C has 13 reviews now, all above 9's that were never counted. Why is that? Would you like the list? Uncharted has 8 9+ scores that have never been counted. why si that? Are they gonna get around to these sometime?
Also, why is every official xbox site and mag used for xbox 360 overalls, when a great deal of Sony's official sites can't be used? Why is that?
Wanna talk about it?"

Sure! By the looks of things, there are quite a few official PS sites and mags used in average score (some from the below list are def official, not sure about the names):
PS3 Advanced 95.0%
PSM Magazine 95.0%
PSM3 Magazine UK 93.0%
Playstation Official Magazine UK 90.0%
Playstation 2 Mag UK(OPM UK) 90.0%
PSX Extreme 90.0%
If they're being biased then why not keep all of them out of the score?
What sites are missing anyway?

To test your theory, I've searched your list of 'excluded' reviews and I can't find a single one of them on Mass Effects review page - are these sources usually provided for 360 games?
If not, then they're probably just too low-key or unreliable to use as part of the metascore - that's why they're left out. There's no bias here.

Also IGN's scores are listed, so why do they need to also list IGN AUs?
BestGamerAlive  +   2988d ago
hey mart u aint da king of sh*t u trash
i'll beat u in anything and mass effect is and ripoff of Starwars da force unleashed ms just rushed it so it b out there 1st thats why its garbage like u PLAY BEYOND P.S. u aint king of sh*t u boylover
razer  +   2988d ago
Best Gamer Alive
Why don't you do us a favor and go SPAM the Sony side of this site with your "wit" and "intelligence"?? I think it's past your bedtime anyways..
gamesblow  +   2988d ago
This is about what I would've given it... I spent 6 hours on it and it was just littered with technical limitations. Slowdown, pop up, muddy textures... It was inconsistent and, although, fun... it just didn't do it for me. It's not the end all be all game. As I've said many times, had this been for pc and pc only... it would've been special. The consoles limited the scope of this game. Bar closed.
FirstknighT  +   2988d ago
I think it's took the crown from Maddens Raider for being the biggest bi*ch here. Damn you whine alot. But be careful...wil4hire is catching up.
The_Engineer  +   2988d ago
Im with ya there
Imagining this game running on my monster rig without crappy framerates and glitches galore makes my mouth salivate.
predator  +   2988d ago
i stoped reading after 6 hours spent, how can you review a rpg on 6 hours? no wonder ur games blog blows.
THE TERMINATOR  +   2988d ago
7 out of 10=sh!t
rootEXT  +   2988d ago
I agree
This game is a 9+, below that just pure retarded. Game of the year better than Bioshock
The Only Truth  +   2988d ago
Speaking of console limitations:

So with all the AC bugs on the PS3, that means the console is on its limit ?

Pardon me ?

It is all about polishing, trust me !

ME uses 6,79 gigs on the DVD DL (8,5 gigs capacity), it is not nearly filled (please, don't bring up the notorious "Oh boy, with Blu ray, everything would have gone better"-topic, that's pointless) !

Bioware just should have held the game back for another month to polish it (The same goes for AC !). That's it !
Vip3r  +   2988d ago
Doesn't DRM take up a few gigs on 360 games?
predator  +   2988d ago
mass effect is one of the best games ive played this year, truely is epic and you can make it as long as you want, im now on my second playthrough and its completey different from my first playthrough as now im choosing different dialog.

if you have a 360 i recomend playing this game.
Jdoki  +   2988d ago
Having completed Mass Effect yesterday I have to say I agree with what Edge said in their review, but would have given a score of 8/10 rather than 7.

I loved almost every moment of the game. After CoD4 it's my favourite game of the year, but that doesn't mean I can not be objective and see it's faults. In my opinion the game is worth 8/10 and no more.

This year we've seen a lot of games get crazy high scores, and while I don't always agree with Edge they are usually on the money with their reviews (if not overall scores). It's nice to see a few publications and websites (such as Eurogamer) give honest reviews and not be swayed by advertising money or publisher pressure.
Rikitatsu  +   2988d ago
so its a FLOP
i knew it , Xbots must be crying right now
waldopepper  +   2988d ago
One review that's quite a bit lower than the average (91%) and it's suddenly a flop?

Nice trolling - you got some totally banzored logic there.
razer  +   2988d ago
Toll alert!

We understand you are so insecure about your gaming choice that you need to come in here a say stupid things like this. I highly doubt you are old enough to play an M rated game.

Last Place Syndrome confirmed..
Kick The Ass  +   2988d ago
Ya need to think
A game site isn't unreliable before it have been proven that
_A_ It recieves money from someone connected to gaming (unless it is ad money)
_B_ Given Hour of Victory a 9+

This reviewer got a opinion, now you guy are talking trash about Edge because of a game critic's opinion? Wow, you like Halo, you must be complete dumbasses.
See how that works?

Now go away and don't come back 'till you got something proper to say.

Oh, and to the guy above me claiming ME is a flop... Just... No... A game critic gives it a 7/10 and it's a flop?
Seriously man... <_<
prowiew  +   2988d ago
I kind of agree with the score
I think this is the best 7 game I have played in my life. Is kind of difficult to judge this game. Its a 10 experience game but an 7 overall. Final review: Buy this game. But i agree with the 7. it just have some thing that lower the score. I dont even know what im saying. This game make me confuse
Probotector  +   2988d ago
Mass Effect didn't live up to the hype.
razer  +   2988d ago
I think the many 9's and 10's
this game has got would disagree with you.
Relientk77  +   2988d ago
One of the huge PS3 exclusives Ratchet and Clank Future gets a 7.5 from Gamespot

Now one of the huge 360 exclusives gets a 7/10 from EDGE...

Hey, I guess its even then... its fair
#22 (Edited 2988d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
cherdman  +   2988d ago
So Halo 3 gets a 10/10 from Edge and the PS3 fanboys go nuts. Now Mass Effect gets a 7/10 from Edge and the PS3 fanboys go nuts.

Which nut are you?
felidae  +   2988d ago
7/10 is just right.
Si-Fly  +   2988d ago
7/10 is fair, i don't think i've ever been quite so disappointed by a game that promised so much.
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2988d ago
Mass Effect is just one of those Games.
Basically, Mass Effect is as Great as you make it. IF you suck the story will suck. If you cant kill the enemy clean you have the wrong loadout. If you are missing the point you have not done any codex homework. If you have no sence of direction you are lost. If you didnt pace yourself and has burned yourself out trying to beat the in one sitting for 20+ hours we cannot believe you because your judgement has been impaired due to lack of sleep. Mass effect has lived up to the hype. It was exactly as advertised. Sci-Fi adventure, No desicion is easy, Galactic political drama. In that aspect, it seems any score less than a 9 is from a burnout. It will be o.k. you guys still have uncharted and all you have to do is go straight. dont worry about games to complex for children who cannot read or know the meaning of action vs. consequence. This Message has been RAM MAGNUMS APPROOVED...
RAM MAGNUMS  +   2988d ago
They have been spitting games out like clockwork. They are what next generation games are all about. All the games we know and love with more graphics. Games never before done. A system we all appreciate and respect for always being first and on time. Xbox will continue to surprise all of us. Except those who are willing to look into our business and criticise everything from the disc to the package in came in. If only other would pay attention to those japanese people who create games for them, then maybe they could actually get a game they cannot criticise.
MALVAD0  +   2988d ago
xbots = girls..... if u guys get a life maybe everything is diferent
stop cryin for averything girls do something 4 ur lifes insted cry everyday
speed_demon  +   2988d ago
The perfect score. This game blows.
Play Uncharted Drakes Fortune or the up and coming
Unreal Tournament 3 only on the PS3.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
Rice  +   2988d ago
I dont agree with "The perfect score" but play some Uncharted and Unreal Tournament 3..........

R M Spender  +   2988d ago
whats good enough to impress ps3 fans?
play uncharted and the "up coming blaah blaah" everthing is up coming on ps3 huh? shoulda waited to buy it huh? the best game you suckers got is uncharted? come on its not that good. mass effect is a great game. its at least different. could have been longer and lots of graphical issues(it even stuttered during the credits) cant figure that one out but considering the replay value of the game it really is pretty massive. i say 8.5 is a fair score. only games like mario or "the up coming" smash bros should get 10s. cause they do what they are ment to do with no flaws and still manage to be new and original.
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