Death by Numbers: The Club

Bizarre Creations explains why its new action game is more like a driving game.Activision's recent acquisition of Bizarre Creations means the talented British game studio will have a new master, but before Bizarre moves in to its new home there are a few orders of business to take care of. One of these is The Club, a new action game being developed for Sega that trades kills for thrills in an underground blood-sport where how you kill is just as important as who you kill.The non-stop bloodshed and stoic indifference that accompanies the killings makes clear that The Club is very much a game for adults of a particular bent, but behind the blood is a game that, as Bizarre design manager Nick Davis explains, has more in common with the team's Project Gotham Racing series than Manhunt or any of the other gratuitous violence games out there.

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SuperSaiyan43884d ago

They only ever made 1 decent racer ever that got a bafta award and that was PGR2 every other game was rubbish.

Hope this new game flops or gets banned.