Game Reviews, Jeff Gerstmann and Corruption

The real story is what lies beneath the event. Jeff Gerstmann, being fired over an opinion and an Advertiser threatening to pull all their advertising over content is nothing new to the online publishing industry. However gamers all across the net are reacting with astonishment to what really is a clarification on the corruption that is spreading in game publications.

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Heaven_Or_Hell3880d ago

I have enough about this theory/conspiracy... I'm here on N4G to see games news, no to debate for weeks about jeff geting fired... So STFU with this

thegamereviews3880d ago

If you read the description, the story is about "clarification on the corruption that is spreading in game publications", not about the theory about Jeff ala GameSpot.

AddisonW3880d ago

The little Xbox/Halo fanboy thought he was free to trash PS3 games and play fanboy games with his job.

He was wrong.

His fatass got fired.

The end.

goldenxbox3880d ago

The problem is people like Josh Larson are what cause the corruption !!

Fellow gamers, I am sorry but these people are fat & often inexperienced businessmen or greedy !!

That's not a stereotype, I only refer to alot of them !!!

And when you mix advertising money into anything that breeds corruption !!!!

So even if this one is finished, another ugly one will rise to take its place !

What kind of advertising are YOU supporting, is the discussion to ask !

Who do YOU root for, what are YOU doing about it, who are YOUR relations in business ?

Because after all that's where it starts, and if we can't band together then corruption will take root !!