PSU's Holiday Buyer Guide: PlayStation 3

PlayStation Universe compiled a buyer's guide to all the best holiday titles. This guide takes a look at few of the latest PS3 games, listing the Top 5 titles to give as gifts or save for yourself. So let's begin...

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MK_Red3435d ago

Can't argue with their choices although I don't like SingStar franchise and don't plan on getting it for PS3.

NoUseMerc3435d ago

Yeah, it's one of those select audience titles. However the Singstar franchise has sold over 1 million copies, so by no means is it unpopular.

ikkokucrisis3435d ago

Hmm, good choices PSU, it's like you guys read my mind.

Violater3435d ago

Ive saved 60 bucks by passing on AC.
But I'm still broke.

Frulond3435d ago (Edited 3435d ago )

hard to see decent lists lately... plus I'm only missing UT3 from that list and probably will never get it since I'm getting tired of FPS. To be honest I have never been a FPS fan but still love R:FOM and COD4