FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast: Episode 2, Versus' Story, White Engine, CG Cut Scenes

FXN ( presents the second episode of the extremely well received FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast. In this episode they dig into recent news, discussion on CG cut scenes, the White Engine and dig into Final Fantasy Versus XIII's story, and feature an exclusive interview! FXN has interviewed charity video game music musician, Piano Squall, about his recent album, G.A.M.E. as well as feature a Final Fantasy piano arrangement from the album. All this and more in the FXN Final Fantasy XIII Podcast.

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white engine does cg in realtime, so there is no cg cutscenes, they are realtime on ps3

SimmoUK3883d ago

Can anyone let us know what was said on the cast?

Polluted3883d ago

Does anybody really know what the hell FF VS. 13 is? I get FF's the new Final Fantasy. What the hell is VS. 13? Is it a completely separate game set in the same universe as the normal game? An action game? Online? Or did they just decide to develop two new games side by side and they wanted to attach the FF moniker to both? I just don't get the naming scheme. FF: X2 really had me confused for a while too. If Vs. is just a spin off of 13, they should have called it something along the lines of "Crisis Core" or "Advent Children" or something.

Rice3883d ago

I need to know more about this white engine, sounds cool.