PS Vita VS PSP 3000 "PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks"

"In this video, we have discovered that PS Vita's d-pad is almost like analog sticks (in the conversion, we've heard of this) sticks, and the color much"

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lumley6662336d ago

plz stop with the vita news, the wait is killing me lol i just wanna forget about the thing till febuary lol

Misterhbk2336d ago

no, don't stop lol, the news is what is keeping me going at this point. It's like I'm getting small doses of the Vita with each article like this.

I'd go into withdrawal without them haha

darthv722336d ago

will the vita be able to play existing PSP games that on the PS store? I know there are reports of additional psp game support but was thinking that was for games people have on UMD.

I have several minis and a few psp games I'd like to transfer from my GO to the Vita if that is possible.

blusoops2336d ago

Any PSP game or mini on the store is compatible.

Only ps1 and neogeo games won't be at launch. But will be later thru firmware update.

sulaymanqazi2336d ago

tell me about it. i try to sometimes throw my money at the screen and it wont work :(

CynicalVision2336d ago

The Vita is insanely fast, did you see how quickly it took for him to quit LBP? 1 second.

CloseSecond2336d ago

Good to see Sony sometimes learn from their mistakes. The PS3 is darn right sluggish compared to the Vita. Its basically broken from an in-game perspective.

Studio-YaMi2335d ago (Edited 2335d ago )

I don't know who disagreed with you but it's true,the xmb on the PS3 is horrible when you're in-game ! it lags and is somewhat sluggish compared to this baby ! Vita has shown that Sony is really learning from their mistakes and there is no shame in that at all !


MasterCornholio2336d ago (Edited 2336d ago )

Amazing handheld.

I don't understand why some people believe the 3DS is just as powerful as the vita. And they always use Resident Evil as an example.


CynicalVision2336d ago

Vita actually means Life.

Wait a can't get life without sex, god this means you're right!

LettingGo2336d ago

Lol. :)

I don't know. The most recognized human being in history is Jesus Christ and he never had sex. (I'm looking at you, Dan Brown.)

xX-Jak-Xx2336d ago

I'm just........ Speechless
i dont know y people are just complaining about the price and pick an iPhone even if they already have a phone

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The story is too old to be commented.