Vii Disassembled Plus Official Trailer

This is the official trailer for the Wii knockoff Vii which was just released in China. Doesn't it look like an amazing amount of fun?

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xsteinbachx3337d ago

Haha well i already got my Funstation 3 so.. i better get my Vii while i'm at it.

boi3337d ago (Edited 3337d ago )

ermm your missing the Xbux...

edit: below...LOL nice one. heres a bubble

Prismo_Fillusion3336d ago

AHAHA. Go to 3:37 and see the boy's haircut. You will "ROFL".

Dannagar3336d ago

All these blatant rip offs that they sell to their own people, have the Chinese no shame?

robaloi3336d ago

I can just imagine it granny gets confused buys little timmy or tammy scum bag a vii instead of wii little timmy/tammy scum bag goes nuts throws a tantrum and beats said grandparent to death with own shoe! it will happen mark my words!

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