Unreal Tournament III - "most striking maps ever crammed into an FPS"

Gameplayer has gone live with their thoughts on the PC version of Unreal Tournament III, from a gaming and technical aspect. They award the game a 9/10 in this in-depth review. This review includes new screenshots.

"Unreal Tournament 3 delivers a big nothing in terms of re-shaping the franchise. But when a game is this much fun, this much pure unadulterated enjoyment, you don't mess with it."

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Hydrollex3643d ago (Edited 3643d ago )

Agree= Yes
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Robotz Rule3643d ago


I can't wait to pick up my copy of UTIII!

WilliamRLBaker3643d ago

that sonyfanboys make out that 360 is nothing but an FPS console thus that Sonyfanboys dont enjoy FPS games therefor this will not sell, then we have the fact that UT on ps2 didn't sell well.

Xi3643d ago

has and always will be the best on the pc, and the unreal fanbase is on the pc, most everyone else sees the game as just another frag fest like quake.

KidMakeshift3643d ago

The developers really pushed the PS3 and that it's on par with the PC version.

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Relientk773643d ago

^it can

but that sounds soo sick... i cant wait to buy it .. and see/play these awesome maps

comes out in like 8 days

MK_Red3643d ago

I still haven't bought UT3 for my PC and if the PS3 version could have all the beauty and all of those maps and mod levels, I'm gonna get it instead of PC one.

socomnick3642d ago

Wish I had a pc that could run it :) pc gaming was so much fun.

eagle213643d ago

For Uncharted and UT3! And 2 have 360's and 1 trading in a 360!

Maddens Raiders3642d ago

I'm going broke w/ all of these freakin' games. I just bought Uncharted last night and had some serious buyer's remorse until I peeled the plastic off, popped it in and heard Sully explain to Drake how important it was for him to find GOLD, because of the financial straits he was in at the time -- all of this during real time, so I couldn't tell if I was watching a highly polished Adult Swim flick or playing a frickin' video game. Unbelievable.

Cannot wait until UT3 is here. Maybe I'll take out a loan....... 8|

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