S-E Jump Festa 2008: Final Fantasy XIII trailers behind closed doors

Square Enix's Jump Festa 2008 mini-site has been updated and now reveals the titles that will be featured in the event. The list:

· Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (Playable)
· Dragon Quest IV
· Final Fantasy IV (Playable)
· Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon (Trailer)
· Dissidia: Final Fantasy (Trailer)
· Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (New Trailer - Closed Theater)
· Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (New Trailer - Closed Theater)
· Kingdom Hearts: Coded (New Trailer - Closed Theater)
· Fabula Nova Crystallis (New Trailers - Closed Theater)
· Final Fantasy VII AC: Complete (New Trailer - Closed Theater)
· Star Ocean: First Departure (Trailer)
· Front Mission 2009: Border of Madness (Trailer)

Square Enix will not give the public any new trailers of the "hot" titles, but rumor has it that new release dates will be revealed during the event.

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Bonsai12143826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

well, all's i gotta say is someone better sneak in a camcorder or cellphone and record it... we haven't had any new news about this collection in a while. i'm thinking it probably looks like cg, which is why they're not showing it. they wanna draw out the wow factor as much as possible

Vo_Cal3826d ago

I mean... I guess because this is coming out for the PS3 it's not possible that they dont want to show it because it looks like sh!t, or its not finished. But yeah, you keep telling yourself that. I'm going to go finish Crysis and then try to finish Mass Effect... You have fun with all 3 of your PS3 "must haves"

Darkiewonder3826d ago

No, they have always done closed theatre stuff.

But someone will leak some footage. not the bet quality but something. but SE usually will post up the trailers for the Square-enix Members though. so it's a matter of time :O

Honeal2g3826d ago

dont get me wrong i will be playin this game day ...(same day i plan on buying ps3) but seriously we get shafted everytime. I may be stretching this a little bit i still have a valid point i mean really everywhere else gets shafted i'd say theres 95% chance we get this game here in the states atleast 6 months after it comes out in japan....yea yea no region lock but i cant speak/read japanese so it wont help me! ...that felt good ... phew

Interpol Agent3826d ago

What is the fuzz all about, just let us watch the damn trailer.

Relcom3826d ago

Kills a little inside. *cries man tears and feels gay for it*

FF7numba13826d ago

it will come in some form 1 day. Just not anytime soon. I wish they would do it soon because I'm not getting any younger.

fopums3826d ago

you feel better? go play mass effect then, clearly it has you enthralled and thats why your sniffing around PS3 articles....


Xemnas3826d ago

Lol you got it worng man his 360 is not working waiting on them the ship it back ..........

osirisomeomi3826d ago

I love Final Fantasy, but I'm also waiting on SO4, to see what they'll do with that franchise. A new title in the Chrono Trigger franchise would also make about 10 billion dollars.

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The story is too old to be commented.