Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow gets 7/10

The latest PSP installment in the Syphon Filter series gets reviewed by gameplayer. Despite being a rock solid shooter on PSP they are critical of many of the other components of the game.

"Sony's enthusiasm for interactivity apparently doesn't extend to the hundreds of obstacles, both visible and invisible, that prevent Logan from exploring his world."

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sonarus3878d ago

i agree the button tappin thing is extremely annoyin but complaining about innaccessible areas is silly. All games have these call of duty has these. Plus its a hand held there is only SO much they can do

xplosneer3878d ago

But at least COD has walls and such that direct you...This just get's frustrating.(That's from demo impressions not the full game.)

sonarus3878d ago

wat exactly are you tlkin about. Walls that guide you. Are you getting lost i thought the complaint was walls you can't climb or doors you can't access which is jst stupid cus EVERYGAME HAS THAT EVEN CALL OF DUTY. If you wanna knw wat areas to access hold left on the d pad and hit square for the red goggles doors that open and vents that open tend to glow yellow also vents that are openable have lil things you shoot off to open em. This is nit picking and even worse nit picking a hand held game. Silly reviews like this happen once in a while like gamespot docking ratchet and clank for having too much gameplay

xplosneer3877d ago

But in the demo there were about 5 doors that just lead into a blank room...with more doors that couldn't be opened. I do agree though that they are nitpicking a handheld game. It's probably me because I couldn't stnad the dark feel on my PSP...gave me a headache. So from me:7/10. From most reviewers should get an 8/10. I guess I just like more colorful games on my PSP where I feel everything is dark. Probably explains why I don't like Pirates of the Carribbean, Star Wars:LA, Rainbow 6 Vegas, and most of my PSP game time consists of Wipeout Pure and LocoRoco. IMO.

ichimaru3877d ago

portable ops is more of my taste. i love the multiplayer

Relientk773877d ago

this is a pretty good game