The Orange Box PS3: 1UP's Final Code Impressions

In the November 30th 1UP Yours podcast, hosts Garnett Lee, Shane Bettenhausen and John Davison report that they have received the retail version of The Orange Box for PS3. Here are selected quotes from the segment, which begins at around 1:08:36 into the podcast.

"They did overcome a significant number of the frame-rate problems with the code they sent us prior to that."

"They fixed some shit."

"But not all of them."

"They got rid of the really janky parts."

"It just feels like it's just a hair out of sync because it's not quite running smooth. That's that way it is in some of the areas."

"It's slightly, perceptively, not quite as smooth as the 360 version."

"If you own both, you should do 360. But if you have PS3, there's absolutely no reason that you shouldn't get this. It's still too good an experience not play it."

[ Notes: The source link downloads the relevant MP3 segment, whose length is 1 minute and 30 seconds. ]

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AddisonW3827d ago

LOL! 1Up another joke 'review' site.

Just go the F out of business Xbots.

ruibing3827d ago

I hate podcasts, it makes me listen through a bunch of guys I don't want to lesson to for just a few bits of information. As with books and all things, I much prefer reading instead. When people are writing, they can be artistic, but when they are talking to an audience that they think worship them, they are just a bunch of idiots.

Violater3826d ago

if its not a decent port its just not a decent port.
I wouldn't get all bent out of shape over it and I think its good they ironed out some of the major problems.
But it is true though, its EA which means out the door with you if we are out of time.

Omegasyde3827d ago

EA is all about "Da Money" and would rather pump out a crappy port. Why didn't EA just wait till March (where there are NO GOOD GAMES RELEASED) and fix the problems?

Poor, EA with Activision bigger than EA now.. I hope EA will work hard to gain their credibility back. If anyones interested, follow the links to see how much EA games credibility has gone down the drain.


Marty83703826d ago (Edited 3826d ago )

I for one am getting 'Haze & UT3' both which will be miles better than this crap.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

dabizo3826d ago

I agree... withgames such as these coming out why would anyone buy another crappy EA port.
I think most PS3 owners now have little faith with anything that has EA stamped on it.

[email protected]3826d ago

Agree with both of u guys. See u Online maybe on both UT3 and HaZe bubbles for both of u ^_^

PimpHandHappy3826d ago

but not till Unreal COD4 Warhawk GT5 Socom KZ2 MGS HOMECHESS get boring. So maybe April 08 for me

even then Warhawk will bring us a snow map and maybe add a motorcycle and a shot gun.

I will get this game thou. 25bucks or less is what this game is worth.

PimpHandHappy3826d ago

i dont lie

i have a few games on my back burner. Still need to play The Darkness

Not to sound like a PS3fanboy but i cant handle more then one FPS at a time. They bore me fast and with COD4 being so dam good and Unreal being cool with importing mods i just dont have time for more of these types of games for a very long time.

Sorry Haze
Sorry Orange Box

back burner you go. I will see you in the bargin bin someday