Surfer Girl's on Activision Blizzard, YouTube & MySpace Lawsuit, & Probable Future Acquisitions

Surfer Girl writes: "I had a feeling that Activision would do something outlandish to prevent them from losing money and announcing the formation of a conglomerate on Sunday is that. Not to mention that Activision Blizzard is a terrible name, clearly shows that only three minutes of thought went into the name, just because you can combine two companies whose output is exclusively tired franchises or uninspired interpretations of licenses and exclusively tired franchises, respectively, into one name does not mean you should.

In other news, Doug Morris, a member of Activision Blizzard's board of directors, has announced that "[his] company" will sue YouTube and MySpace for some reason related to piracy or something".

Also, a look at probable future acquisitions of the industry.

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iceice1233640d ago

She can DIAF. "just because you can combine two {companies whose output is exclusively tired franchises or uninspired interpretations of licenses and exclusively tired franchises}, respectively, into one name does not mean you should."

GTFO, Blizzard>all, their games are by no means tired and uninspired.

Relcom3640d ago

This fat [email protected] sitting at his computer under the alias surfer girl would fuking die from heart attack already.

People gotta quit going to this [email protected] website and keepin him goin. This b1tchmade fool thinks he can say what the fuk he wants cause he gots some loser fuks going to his site thinking its a hot girl. How pathetic.

Surfer girl has just talked sh1t about the people who has brought us Diablo 1 and 2, Warcraft 1,2,3 and WOW, and Starcraft, and lost Vikings.... GTFO of here. This fatass will get away with it too.. Too bad. too bad

Kulupoo3640d ago

I'm totally agree w/ u... from wut I see in her blog so far, its all assumption and guesses, sometime she gets a lucky guess but thats about it. I totally agree with the merging of Act and Bliz, since Bliz holds the majority share, and it does not merge the studio... i expect to see some great thing next year from act-bliz

ktchong3640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

This is the funniest thing.

Look, just up till 5 days ago, kingofps3 had always approved Surfer Girl submissions. Here's the last one he approved - less than a week ago:

Then, just a couple days after that, kingofps3 changed his mind and decided Surfer Girl is "lame" and "spam". So he started mercilessly reporting every Surfer Girl stories (that were either submitted or tipsed by me).

3 days ago, kingofps3 reported this Surfer Girl story as "Fake", "Lame", "Other". In his report, he said, "BAN Surfer Girl, Amazon #s, n VG Crapz."

2 days ago, he reported another Surfer Girl story as "Duplicate", "Spam", "Lame".

Now, today, kingofps3 changed his mind BACK! Now he himself is submitting this Surfer Girl story! D'oh!

That's all in just one week.

LOL. He keeps on flip-flopping. kingofps3 is bi-polar, I tell you.

ktchong3640d ago

Yes... it's coming...

I sense a disturbance in the Force.

kingofps33640d ago

I am sorry I have hurt your feelings. I promise to never to do it again. Now will you please stop thinking about me all day and night.

Thank you

IGNFTW3640d ago


Wii60PS3DSPSP3640d ago

lol my god, yeah Surfergirl i'm sure you knew about the merger before it happened..

antoinetm3640d ago

Insider Trading FTW! (as they say..)

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