Rainbow Six Vegas 2 still on for PS3

Despite rumours to the contrary, it seems that Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 will be coming to the PS3 next year.

According to the latest list of PAL release dates distributed by the French publisher (and published on, Rainbow Six Vegas 2 has been listed as being down for release during Q1 2008, the same as the Xbox 360 version.

Rumours that the PS3 version had been delayed or even dropped started circulating last month after only the PC and 360 were mentioned on the game's product page on the Ubisoft website.

While the product page remains unaltered, given that Ubisoft has mentioned the PS3 version of its release schedule, it seems that PS3 fans haven't been forgotten after all.

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Danja3910d ago

Great..cuz I really enjoyed RS:Vegas...but then again why would Ubisoft cancel the PS3 version....dumb begin with..!!

PimpHandHappy3910d ago

i think if this is going up against socom thou it will have a problem selling on the PS3

sonarus3910d ago

i think both games are different enough to warrant purchases frm 2 different audiences. SOCOM is more military bases while rainbow 6 is more swat also 1 is an fps the other is a 3rd person shooter

socomnick3910d ago

Its definitely coming out for the ps3 it might be delayed though I think r6v came like 6 months later ?

sonarus3910d ago

delays for the ps3 are a thing of the past i highly doubt a delay. More devs no what to expect with the ps3 plus they are more used to the architecture. Also with the release of UT3 since rainbow will also be using the unreal engine they can scope some of the code to help speed up unreal engine development for ps3

socomnick3910d ago

I hope they have 2 different teams working on both versions and when they are done they release the versions. Hopefully they wont hold one version back because the other isn't finished yet.

Mr_Kuwabara3910d ago

Wasn't interested on this game anyways. But I guess theres at least an option if I want it in the far future...

boodybandit3910d ago

The last couple RS and GR games feel like they are the same as the one before while games like COD and BF are moving evolving and changing the way you play their games.

ichimaru3910d ago

the 1rst one was amasing. i hope this has more player on coop though.

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The story is too old to be commented.