PS3 for beginners - New to PS3? Read this now

Next-gen noobs gather round… by those quizzical looks Games Radar can see you've got questions. Lucky for you, they've got the answers for these questions:

• What's the deal with HDMI? I'm confused… do I need an expensive TV?
• Why is Blu-ray so good?
• How do I connect to the net?
• How do I add Friends?
• How do I download stuff from the store?
• How do I play music and video on my PS3?
• How do I create an Avatar?

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EZCheez3949d ago

The 5 second reset. Holding your finger on the power button in front for five seconds with the back power switch on make it beep twice and will reset the graphics settings and also the OS.

This is handy for when you take your PS3 somewhere with a TV that has different capabilities, and it's also how you switch back to the XMB from Linux.

I know most of us know that, but that's a pretty important tip for new users.

Double-Edged3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

gonna geta PS3 on christmas.

Mommy's present for having gerat grades in college.

=) .
yeah Meus. I am getting a ps3. Even DJ knows about it.
yet still... 360 still has a lot more to fill when i'm hungry for some PWNING.

But PS3 is just nice to have.

Meus Renaissance3949d ago

I'm shocked. You're getting a PS3?

Seems like alot of people who are called "from the Green Side" are getting PS3's soon.

You won't regret it anyway. Hope you enjoy your system, first thing you notice is how amazing slick it looks.

Rice3949d ago

Don't forget to add me on PSN... Rice2rice

Ri0tSquad3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

store redesign.

Store looks great on a HDTV but on I cant say the same about on a standard.

Meus Renaissance3949d ago

There is a different, better, layout if you own a HDTV. I personally like it how it is, but a redesign would be a great thing.

Barreldragon003949d ago

Good article but there wrong on one thing you can play games or watch movies when you download stuff (it might be a little slower but it still works) the only thing i found you cant do that on is themes but they take like 30 sec's anyway.

level 3603949d ago

I'll be buying one next year, probably by mid-year... when everything will truly be complete for the PS3 ( cheaper price, GranTurismo 5: Prologue in Blu-Ray format, Sixaxis "rumble" - hooray it's back ).
Thank for the info.

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