IGN: The Worst Video Game Box Art of 2011

A lot of games were released in 2011. Unfortunately, not all of them came with awesome box art. Frankly, some games came packaged in absolutely abysmal video game box covers. Here are IGN's picks for the 12 worst examples of box art for the year.

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Relientk772369d ago

My Australian Farm, that has to be one of the best box arts ever lol

FACTUAL evidence2369d ago

dead island special edition box art sucks hard.....I felt like I was jipped when I got the special edition, compared to the original box art.

falcon2622369d ago

Forget the cover art. Imagine the poor souls who had to spend years making some of these games.
"Jerry Rice and Titus dog football."
"Wappy Dog"
Although, I will admit....that farming sim game is kinda speaking to me. Customizable overalls ftw!

CynicalVision2369d ago

Everything about the Blackwater game is terrible,what kind of person would even think about making a game that idolizes civilian murderers?

DeeZee2369d ago

I actually got a good laugh out of that.

Pikajew2369d ago

I liked the Fortune Street one

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The story is too old to be commented.