Xbox 360 year in review (2007)

Gamertell - Christopher Buckner, Nov. 28, 2007:

"November 22, 2007, marked the second anniversary of Microsoft's Xbox 360, and what a year it has been; we thought it best to look back at some of the biggest news that helped shaped 2007 to be the most successful year in not only the Xbox's life but also one of the best years in recent gaming history."

• Grabbing exclusive rights to Grand Theft Auto IV downloadable content
• Sony loses exclusive games to Microsoft
• Xbox 360 Warranty Extended
• Halo movie?
• Peter Moore leaves Microsoft
• EA acquires Bioware
• Halo 3 launches
• Bungie leaves Microsoft

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AddisonW3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Dreamcast 360 - 2007 Year in Review

* Microsoft finally is forced to stop lying about the defective by design 360 hardware and spend 1.1 billion dollars repairing consoles

* Peter Moore is fired

* Bungie dumps Microsoft

* Bizarre dumps Microsoft for Activision and multiplatform development

* Bioware dumps Microsoft for EA and multiplatform development

* Microsoft's entire first party line up now consists of just Rare(LOL!) and Lionhead(Yawn...)

* The Dreamcast 360 is still dead in Japan

* The Dreamcast 360 is still dead in Europe

* Microsoft's first party line up of games turns out to be the laughing stock of the console world: last gen looking Halo 3 runs only at 640p, Forza 2 looks worse than last gens GT games on the PS2, Mass Effect gets called Mass Downgrade after Bioware gets caught trying to pass of bogus marketing renderings for the game when the game itself is a barely better than last gen mess with frame rate problems and a wide range of other graphical problems

* Halo 3's graphics are so bad that 360 fans are forced to try to hype a crossplatform fps, CoD4. After months of trying to hype CoD4's graphics, 360 fans are made to look like fools when it turns out that the game only runs at 600p.

* Microsoft continues to fail to provide dedicated servers for games like PC and PS3 gamers enjoy for free. Microsoft's shoddy online service continues to be 50 dollars a year for laggy P2P online play.

* Microsoft gives up on HD-DVD and finally admits they never wanted the format to win and were just using 360 owners as suckers to try slow the adoption of the winning BluRay format

* A variety of class action lawsuits against Microsoft from RRoD issues to disc scratching problems

* Microsoft is completely silent about any plans beyond 2007 - leading to widespread speculation that the 7 billion dollars wasted over six years on the entire Xbox fiasco is finally enough and the exec firings, falling apart of first party developers, and complete lack of public plans for the console are the start of Microsoft pulling plug on the entire mess.

Rick James3949d ago

This just in. AddisonW um I mean Nasim has to troll 360 articles because he is insecure about the 360's continuing success. Spread your FUD, wont matter. 360 is still selling well, expecially in the US. And 360 owners have plenty of games to look forward to in 2008 and beyond.

AddisonW3949d ago

Microsoft is faced with these major problems:

1) No good games - With most of Microsoft's first party developers leaving to work on other consoles 2008 looks bleak for the 360 and completely barren for beyond

2) Hard to program - Even first party developers are struggling with the poorly designed 360 graphics hardware. Bungie themselves couldn't even get Halo 3 to run at 720p and had to downgrade the game to a sub-HD at 640p. Even then the game still has frame rate problems. Forza 2 is so bad most 360 fans don't even want to talk about the game. And Mass Effect has more graphical problems than there is time to list. Why isn't Microsoft providing the tools and support to help developers make at least 720p games with decent framerates?

3) Joke Online Service - 50 dollars a year, 250 dollars over five years for laggy online play with pathetically low players counts(only 8 for Gears of War, 16 for Halo 3). Microsoft refuses to acknowledge their failure to provide dedicated servers so 360 owners are stuck paying for an inferior online experience compared to PC and PS3 gamers

4) Defect 360 Hardware - Brand new latest model 360s continue to fail right out of the box or shortly after hooking them up. Microsoft has been completely silent on when, if ever, they will actually have a fix for the defect 360 hardware. Instead all they will say is how they have a really good replacement program.

5) Poor Sales - After two years the 360 is selling at a slower pace than the first Xbox. If Microsoft doesn't find a way to get sales going in regions other than the US the 360 won't even make the 24 million worldwide sales of the first Xbox. Getting existing US based 360 owners to keep rebuying new model 360s is only going to keep the monthly sales number going for so long.

When you look at just how bad things are for Microsoft and the 360 it is obvious that even a company with as much cash as Microsoft has limits as to how far they will go to try to prop up a marketplace disaster like the 360.

Getting out of the console market sometime in 2007 sounds like their current plan. Fire existing 360 execs like Moore and Kim, let the first party developers go and stop spending money on them, cancel 360 shows, remain silent about 360 plans beyond 2007.

Dumping the crappy 360 hardware and focusing on Vista Exclusive gaming is what Microsoft appears to be in the process of doing.

Hydrollex3949d ago

but PS3 is gonna pwn the 2008. Did you say no ? ok just wait

drewdrakes3949d ago

Why do you have to be like that? All consoles will have good stuff next year. How about you leave my choice alone and ill leave your choice alone, alright? Dont start fights you cant win.

FirstknighT3949d ago

Ninja Gaiden 2 & Warhound says hi.

LeonSKennedy4Life3949d ago

MGS4, FFXIII, RFOM2, KZ2, HOME, LBP, Haze, Infamous, GT5, Socom: Confrontation, The Agency, Eight Days, Eyedentify, White Knight Story, Wipeout HD, Tekken 6, LA Noire, and the best version of UTIII seem to disagree with you...

Hydrollex3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Why all xbox 360 fans think PS3 fans say Xbox 360 sucks ? We don't say that. What we say is Xbox 360 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy more POWERFULLLLLLLLLLL than Wii

If you disagree that means Xbox 360 is less powerful than wii which means you make fun of yourself

drewdrakes3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

You are whats wrong with this site.

Hydrollex3949d ago

for the first time lets put asid microsoft and sony ! lets have peace between PS3 and 360. Both consoles SUCK compared to girls

Rick James3949d ago

You probably have no idea what a girl is. Go back to the PS3 section and leave the 360 owners alone.

FirstknighT3949d ago

It's no question that Xbox360 had one of the greatest gaming years in history. Highly rated AAA titles like Forza 2, Bioshock, Halo 3, Mass Effect, PGR4, COD4, etc... have made 2007 a heaven for 360 owners.

2006 brought us one of the highest rated launches in gaming history that continued with classics like Dead Rising and Gears of War. 2 years of gaming excellence. While 2008 will continue the excellence with games like Ninja Gaiden 2, Warhound, Fable 2, Splinter Cell, Project Offset, etc...

The Xbox 360 is surely a true gamerz dream!

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