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Submitted by kingofps3 2995d ago | article

Babe of the Week: Outrageous Boobs

Gamedaily: "Dedicated to the delightful duo that keep showing up in our video games and keeping us alert".

Take a look at some of the most outrageous boobs action personalities in video games. (Culture, PC, PS2, PS3, Wii, Xbox, Xbox 360)

Evil0Angel  +   2995d ago
r they makin virtual sex game anytime soon?
like you can design the girl first, chose size of her boobs/ass/ ect ect

i wounder what the achivment for that game will be like
Meus Renaissance  +   2995d ago
Achievement Unlocked.

"You have no life, you win free therapy sessions with a Counsellor and dating tips"
kingofps3  +   2995d ago
@ Meus Renaissance

Why are you getting so worked out about it? Not everyone sees the world through your eyes.

Chill out and play some Extreme beach volleyball and feel the...
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Meus Renaissance  +   2995d ago
It's just unfair the impression gamers get because of this kind of thing.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2995d ago
it already exsist. there are even sex mmo...
nanometric  +   2995d ago
Meus, wtf?
Don't know how about you, but I still love my porn and would love to get that kind of a game, but I still get mingling with the girls. It's just for those times, when their head hurts ;)
thepill88  +   2995d ago
Breast should be in all games, they dont even have to be on characters in the game... Like AC... you should be able to climb a tower of Breast to rest atop a pointy nipple... And Halo 3 should of had a female master chief with her top breast plate missing, displaying her master teets...
goldenxbox  +   2995d ago
Breasts are already in video games !!!
Look no further than Dead or Alive gamers !!!

Or Tekken, or Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row !!

Breasts and boobs are already all over video games, why taint the art even further about just let them do the jiggy !!!
thepill88  +   2995d ago
I firmly believe... ha, i said "firmly" that load screens should contain ramdom shots of boobies... they could be stills or slow motion clips... Also I dont think any female character should wear a shirt in a video game... How about Mario Galaxy? you should be able to run atop a perky breast and hop from breast top to breast top... I know GTA has breast but lets take it a step further... how about being able to drive your car full speed into a pile of oversized teets... Now thats gaming...
ShiftyLookingCow  +   2995d ago
sheesh I feel bad asking for chicken breast these days at KFC
solar  +   2995d ago
wow, i checked out their "worst mario characters of all time". #2 peach and #1 mario's voice in galaxy. ok guys, whatever.
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TruthBTold  +   2995d ago
Sexy games....
LOL I love games with boobs, Dead or Alive had some great ones. Its just for fun and to make games for interesting. Nothing to be concerned about.
vgn24  +   2995d ago
Round Peg and Blookmask prove how pathetic they are...
They had to approve this because they can't see real women in person. Pathetic, desperate, basement dwelling geeks.
IGNFTW  +   2995d ago
thepill88  +   2995d ago
ROUND PEG and BLOODMASK approve of breast...
And they did what every man should, approve... Two thumbs up for them two... Breast and Both round peg and bloodmask...
level 360  +   2995d ago
Looks like....
Is this Christie Monteiro ( the first chick ) from Tekken 5 based on some real person?
Because from this pics, she looks a lot like Beyonce Knowles... while the others are pure CGI designs.
TheHater  +   2995d ago
What the hell. This article have almost 200 degree, and only 15 comments. What does that tell you? people are too ashame to post about video game boobs and chicks.
But IVY is the best out of them all
greenenvy  +   2995d ago
who the **** cares, its the same as porn.....
this video game **** is the same as porn....

whats the matter, never seen a boob before...

get the **** over this s***, seriously...

even if u have a girlfriend I dont care, I had one too there's no reason to not love game boobs or real boobs....unless your...

......*** or in other words.....bent.
Relientk77  +   2995d ago
boobs lol
JasonXE  +   2995d ago
Yeah boobies, there so soft
SpinalRemains138  +   2995d ago
common man
This is getting rediculous. When I played Sigma and I saw the hunter chicks boobs I thought it was a bit much. I think game designers watch too much Weird Science. Gargantuan breasts do not make the charcter sexier. They make them look rediculous. Soon video games are gonna be like rock videos if this keeps up. Crappy content with boobs. I guess that's ok if you're a virgin with a sub 100 IQ
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Legend  +   2995d ago
I'm your disagree, but its really only because of your ridiculous generalization at the end of your comment. Bit of a slippery slope, dontcha think? But, I'm not going to write you off just yet, as you've taken your name from a Misfits song you can't be that closeminded.
xionpunk  +   2995d ago
Aaaaand this is why people still think videogames=geek.
Nothin wrong with boobs of course but, this is pretty lame since they are virtual. uh, yeah thats uh thats hot lol.
Sayai jin  +   2995d ago
Hmmmm. This is a bit ridiculous. Remember , female gamer numbers are ever growing. There is a place for this, adult internet sites, strip clubs, but not in video games.

You think they are already trying to ban video games, well with this type of content it will bring more anti gaming sentiment to our beloved hobby, of gmaing!
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Horny  +   2995d ago
I remember the first tomb raider game when lara croft had cone tits lol, that was great
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PMR_21  +   2995d ago
jack thompson thinks Boobs are 4 Noobs
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Legend  +   2995d ago
Rachel FTW.

BTW the girls I know that have watched me play Ninja Gaiden, or have played any of the myriad fighting games alongside me aren't offended by the size of the female character's tits. If anything, they're found to be comical, because they are, as is the notion that the tits aren't there to sell games to target demographics. Because, they are. So, how about we just turn off the caring, sensitive-man BS for a moment and relish in the enjoyment of a set of fantastic chesticles, either real, fake, or digital.

It should be mentioned that my friends and myself are the types of people who enjoy the Urotsukidoji movies, so you should probably take what I said with a grain of salt.
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SpinalRemains138  +   2994d ago
Hey I love boobs
Im just sayin that they belong on the cover of the swimsuit issue, not over done in a video game. All they are trying to do is sell more copies through the use of sex. I guess it's working since were here talkin about it, I just think it's childish

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