The Top 10 Worst Mario Characters

Nintendo's made millions off its iconic mascots, particularly those from the Mushroom Kingdom. But for every likable character there's one that continues to annoy us even years after we're done with the game they came from. With that, here's the top ten worst Mario characters of all time.

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KratosKilla3794d ago

Worst Mario character is Mario? That is stupid.

HeavyweightInTheGame3794d ago

Mario 2 wasn't an official Mario game at the beginning. I'm not sure the original name of the game, but the game just swapped the main characters with Mario characters and there you have it...A really fu*ked up Mario game. It was a good game, but some of the enemies were just weird.

midgard2293794d ago

ummm i think all mario characters are bad, no one is funny, cool or anything, they are all annoying

Daxx3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Birdo makes me laugh because it fires eggs out of its... ummm...

Gahigiddy3794d ago

Terrible Italian cliche.

And #3 is right, they're all annoying, none funny, none appealing, only [email protected] Nintards like them - Mario is NOT a household name, Nintendo's been dead for 10 years and only Wii revived them, and SMG is being ignored by and large.

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