America's Army: True Soldiers - TeamXbox Review (4.0/10)

TeamXbox's America's Army: True Soldiers review concludes: "Avoid this one like jungle rot unless you really need schooling on modern military tools and nomenclature."

• Gameplay: A breakdown of the core gameplay mechanic will haunt players early and often in America's Army: True Soldiers. (4.0/10)

• Graphics: Good, if early new millennium PC games are your thing. (4.4/10)

• Audio: The sound effects are quite competent, but the awful voice acting and dialogue negates the positives here. (5.0/10)

• Longevity: Both the gameplay mechanic and mission layouts make America's Army: True Soldiers much too cumbersome to stick with for any period of time. (3.5/10)

• Innovation: Like an M1 Garand, but less accurate. (2.5/10)

• Overall: 4.0 (out of 10)

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well thats not a good score :-/