Uncharted Trilogy Tribute Trailer

Watch the Uncharted Trilogy Tribute Trailer now.

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Sizzon2154d ago

Awesome, thank you Naughty Dog for this fantastic franchise <3

-Mika-2154d ago

omg sully dies. What a huge freaking spoiler. I didn't even play uc3 yet.

DonaldBeck2154d ago

trust me, nothings what it seems. you didnt get anything spoiled for you. i played and beat the game.

2154d ago
ArchangelMike2154d ago

dude ofcourse it spoils things. Dude gonna be playin the whole game waiting for that moment. It happens and then... well, it just won't have the same 'shock and awe' factor.

Berserk2154d ago

Why the hell then did you watch a TRIBUTE of the trilogy?

ArchangelMike2154d ago

Erm... **MAJOR SPOILER ALERT*** at about the 1min mark. C'mon guys don't put spolers in the vid, that's just lame.

Raf1k12154d ago

Yeh I can't believe they put that in there. It was one of the biggest surprises for me and having it in a trailer ruins it for those that haven't played yet.