Gamer 2.0 reviews Empire Earth III: 'gigantic step backwards'

From the review by Ted Dedon of Gamer 2.0:

"Well, Empire Earth III is finally out, and while it does simplify the series in a huge way, it takes a gigantic step backwards in terms of gameplay, presentation, and overall quality. Without a doubt, the move to being easier, less convoluted, and less involving was a move that should have been avoided at all costs."

"Empire Earth III isn't an abomination to RTS gaming, but it certainly doesn't begin to approach recommendable. There are so many issues that make it such a massive disappointment that it's a real wonder how it even got released in its current form. It's not often that a game franchise with such a good reputation came come out with an installment that approaches quality levels of games like Hannah Montana for the Nintendo DS. Really, how does this happen?"

Score: 4.3/10

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