New Battlefield: Bad Company Video

Gamersyde writes:

"It looks like the waiting period is finally over and publishers are starting to move on to showing a bit more of the big 2008 releases. And Battlefield: Bad Company certainly is one of them. I sure would love to get more videos like this one, informative and funny. It sure looks like the developers had fun."

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smart_head3794d ago

I like their enthusiasm. Looking forward to this game now.

Evil0Angel3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

i am happy the pushed the game back to 2008 caz if it came in 2007 i would not notice it i the middle of the all big titles in all diffrent platform.

i think the game will be in Q1 2008 . it will not have competion in 360 caz Q1 2008 is slow . it will have some competion from HAZE in PS3.

burnout pardias
will make good gaming

HeartlesskizZ3794d ago

yep they are pretty much having fun with the game =)
it will sure be a big chaos taking down every body in a house with an RPG and the house along with them hehe I cant wait for this =)

mesh13794d ago

haze is a pile of crap

ichimaru3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

this game looks amasing, and i am thrilled that the devs are spending time on the physics as well as audioand not just the graphics, which are amazing

LOL at the disagree?? you get flamed for breathing to hard on this site

jinn3794d ago

enough with frostbite, lets get to the game

socomnick3794d ago

looking amazing destroyable environments ftw.

lawman11083794d ago

And is this game ever going to get a release? I think they missed the boat by not beating COD4. That game is like on line crack and others shall be judged by it.

socomnick3794d ago

Yea cod 4 is like online crack I get my daily fix. I'm a prestige 1 but bf bad company has potential imagine all the fun you can have with destructible environments.

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The story is too old to be commented.