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Microsoft Inadvertently Teasing Major Xbox News At CES 2012

Dual Pixels - Rumors that the next Xbox, 720 or whatever it may be called, have hit the web stating that Microsoft is scheduled to show the new platform at next year's Consumer Electronics Show. There are different theories in the announcement or even the launch of the next generation of home consoles, with most people citing 2013 and beyond. Obviously, Microsoft wouldn't spoil their own surprises but interestingly enough, today they're building anticipation for CES 2012 with their Xbox fans via Facebook. (Xbox 360)

Hard to tell
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FanOfGaming  +   1338d ago
Makes sense, I mean would they invite Xbox fans to CES 2012 just to see Windows 8, meh.

Anyway I think it's time for the next generation to be announced, unfortunately i don't think Sony is ready to announce the PS4 or will be anytime soon.
egidem  +   1338d ago
That's also what has me worried. I'm afraid that history might repeat itself again...with Sony being late at the market. I hope this doesn't happen though.

With the latest signs that we've been getting, I say Microsoft is gearing up to launch their next gen console. I hope Sony has something up their sleeves as well.

Edit: @JsonHenry -

Almost forgot about that. Thanks! I just have some fear that they might arrive to the market late...at the same time I don't want them to get here early in a rush. I'd rather have them plan out their strategies first.
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JsonHenry  +   1338d ago
^^ Sony as well as dev studios have all said that they know of the next Sony home console and Sony Reps have stated themselves being late to the game next generation would be undesirable.
gamingdroid  +   1338d ago
It might not be within Sony's hand to change their own cycle to match MS release cycle.

The high price of the PS3 and the major losses Sony took are going to be hard to convince management to release a new console until the current one has recouped the losses.

That said, releasing early means almost nothing. See what happened to Dreamcast that released a year earlier than PS2.

Xbox 360 didn't gain market share from releasing early, it did it with a better executed business plan and proper market research!
PshycoNinja  +   1338d ago
Sony will be ready. These manufactures have been R&D their next systems since 2006. That's what they do. So if Mircosoft does announce the next Xbox at CES then I wouldn't doubt Sony announcing something about PS4 before the end of E3 2012.
nondecaf  +   1338d ago
why wouldn't they be ready to announce a next-gen system,please don't say because of vita because it is comming out in Febuary that gives them ten months to prepare.
Micro_Sony  +   1338d ago
What are you talking about Kaz said that Next Gen does not start with out them....oh wait....that kind of back fired on them.
NYC_Gamer  +   1338d ago
would be the perfect show to talk about the tech inside the next xbox
user858621  +   1338d ago
Cant wait to see what the next xbox will bring :D
richierich  +   1338d ago
Me too I also hope theres a big difference in the graphics of next gen consoles compared to current gen
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KMCROC54  +   1338d ago
They may hint,speak or mention the next Xbox at CES. but if they truly want to show the world & make everyone go holy shit, i think E3 2012 would be the better venue to show case the next Xbox.
PetitPiPi  +   1338d ago
The future Xbox will be mich more then a gaming system. IMO, CES is the better show for a reveal.
KMCROC54  +   1338d ago
Like i said they will probly talk tech & what features can expect, but the grand reveal will most likely be at E3. Thier no way the play thier hand at CES .
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Venjense  +   1338d ago
360 is selling too well for them to risk slowing momentum with a NextBox announcement, it just had its best month ever.

If Wii U slows 360 sales, then I expect to hear about 720.
TruthBTold  +   1338d ago
Agreed. The only system slowing down in sales is the wii which is why they are coming out with the wiiu. Neither 360 nor ps3, from a business stand point need to bring out the next consoles just yet. If the wiiu slows down sales for 360 and sony then they would need to announce their replacement systems. Wiiu is catching up graphics wise so it won't leave current systems behind. Due to the economy and price points of this gen we can expect them to last a little longer. Ms and sony would be abandoning in a sense their current systems announcing new ones within a year. They would cause their sales to slow down for people waiting to buy the new ones. Ms just sold 1 mill. Why through those new game sales, live sales, accessory sales out the window with introducing a new system which would start with a very small community.
Jdrm03  +   1338d ago
I think i've said this about ten times in the last 24 hours lol, but people buying xbox 360's now, wouldn't be buying the next xbox at launch anyways.

Why did the 360 sell so well? 200 dollar price point, duh.

Do you think those people are going to be lining up outside of the store waiting for launch of a 399-499 dollar console?

That's definitely a no.
Venjense  +   1337d ago
It's been $200 for years now, duh.
Focus  +   1338d ago
Straws. . .this article is grasping at them.
gcolley  +   1338d ago
major xbox news = something kinect these dys
Half-Mafia  +   1337d ago
even though i have no interest in the next xbox, after owning the 360. im really excited to start hearing about the next gen.

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