Demand for Video Game Hasn't Slowed

Peter Svensson of the Associated Press writes:

"Each holiday season, a couple of hard-to-find toys send parents hunting from store to store. And each season, they're soon forgotten: Has your Elmo gotten any tickles lately?

But this year, it looks as if the gift everybody is looking for is the same as last year: the Nintendo Wii.

A year after its launch, the small video game console sells out almost immediately when it reaches stores, even after Nintendo Co. Ltd. ramped up production several times".

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Relientk773946d ago

my demand has gone up lol

Lord Cheese3946d ago

i think ps3 and 360 owners and fanboys alike should unite against a common enemy. the Wii is the enemy of all true gamers everwhere!!!! ITS A GODDAMN KIDS TOY!