Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Review by RPGFan

Back in 1999, Enix saw the success of Nintendo's Pokémon franchise and decided it needed to get on the "gotta catch 'em all" bandwagon. And honestly, this wasn't such a bad idea for the company, as its Dragon Quest franchise had already spawned 6 titles, each one featuring a bevy of monsters from which they could pull. And although neither the first nor second games got all that much attention, they were still cute little titles that captured the same feeling of catching and training monsters that the Big N's signature series had.

Fast forward to 2007, in which Enix, now Square Enix, decides to bring out a new installment in their monster catching series. Entitled Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (for reasons of punsmanship), this latest title in the series introduces some new features, such as head-to-head battles via wi-fi and online tournament modes. But is this game going to rival Big N's Big P? Read on to find out.

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