IGN Kane & Lynch Site Is A Giant Playboy Ad

"Playboy is searching for a hot "Cyber Girl", oh and be sure to check out Kane & Lynch", is the message that IGN's Kane & Lynch mini-site is sending. It's almost as if this site is meant to be a giant Ad for Playboy with a facade of a game information page. The links in the flash ad even go directly to

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Heaven_Or_Hell3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Enough about this crapy game...

We should react like NeoGaf with GameSpot, Eidos and their games...

jromao3909d ago

to get it sold, the same old recipe. the game isn't in my buy list.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3909d ago

Catastrophe! Wink ;) Wink ;) 8D

Ashta3909d ago

The Cyber Girl contest on IGN had been there almost two months before Kane & Lynch was released. This isn't a part of the controversy nor should it be treated as such.

The fact that someone approved this trash blog post shows that some people around here are just trying to find ways to throw Eidos under the bus.

ShiftyLookingCow3909d ago

yep this is old news recycled.

AllroundGamer3909d ago

lol such a mediocre game can only be saved by huge ads :D

goldenxbox3909d ago

It all clearly started with the Gamespot since the beginning !!

But lo & behold, other sites do it just like IGN does it !!!

But they try to hide it, and ignore it !!

Well its all going to come out, as GameSpot sinks further & further don't be surprised it unplugs all the worms !!!

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The story is too old to be commented.