46 Games that Haven't Been Made (But Should)

Fecal Jesus spews forth his list of 46 video games he wants to see on store shelves.

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Tyrael3334d ago

Jack, Im gonna go with DIABLO 3 for 500

jinn3334d ago

Larry King videogame

gamesblow3334d ago

None of those were funny, clever, witty or insightful. That was about the worst list I've ever seen. This guy is even more un-funny than Family guy, Dane Cook and will Farrell... put together.

Jdash243334d ago

ouch......good burn, hell that burn was better than that list

raub3334d ago

i love all three of them


Wii60PS3DSPSP3334d ago

How anyone can find this funny is beyond me...

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