The "Vii" Vows for Your Attention in New Wii Knockoff Trailer

Via Ripten:

"No, it's not the name of a new console for Dracula, but China's most blatant knock-off yet. Attempting to ride high on Nintendo's coattails, the system comes with plenty half-assed facsimiles of popular Wii software from Bowling to Cooking Mama."

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crazy250003949d ago

isnt this illegal?? nintendo not suing or anything?

techie3949d ago

there are no laws in the country it's based. Seen the PS3 phone?

lynx1halo3949d ago

they could really make a killing on ebay with these soccer moms who want to buy the Wii for their kids for christmas and think this Vii is the same thing

R M Spender3949d ago

a haircut like that one jumping baby, you know the one with a big spot on the front of his head? china the land of op-poortunities!

Vojkan3949d ago

Hmm very rapid transformation from hardcore communist to capitalist exploiters. Well i guess thats what money does to people. Even if it takes to be pathetic low life copy cat.

ruibing3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

If you understand Mandarin chinese, you'd know they did a really, really good job of capturing the targeted market of the Wii with these commercials. They both understood how the Wii balanced out the lack of excerise in kids and help promote family values. Just like how the Wii saw an opportunity, this company obviously saw one too in its success the the difficulty in maintaining IP laws in China.

DrPirate3949d ago

The Vii vows for my attention? Then my attention it will get.

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The story is too old to be commented.