EA Wants To Make a Dead Space First-Person-Shooter (And More!)

EA is looking at new ways to expand Dead Space, an insider told Kotaku. The Dead Space team was apparently told that it must look at ways it can make the series bigger and better. Thus, according to the source, EA is working on a Dead Space first-person-shooter. That's not all.

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Trainz2206d ago


Tanir2206d ago

apparently every thing must become fps.....stupid companies

Army_of_Darkness2206d ago

Hellz No!!! I love dead space in 3rd person view!! [email protected] first person view! Sick of that shit! call me old fashion, but I prefer to see my character throughout the entire game... Not really a fan of guns being the main character and view point in almost every single game.

cogniveritas2206d ago

I never really enjoyed FPS games until they started actually having decent looking environments. IF they really want to do FPS they could do it MGS4 style and make it an aiming mode in addition to full TPS, or the usual Over the Shoulder.

So many people felt that Dead Space was a revival of horror in games. I wouldn't completely discount what they could do in first person.

papashango2206d ago

Ouch clearly a case of falling out of touch with the series fanbase. Insulting really

AntoineDcoolette2206d ago

Eh, in all honestly they may be able to make a Dead Space FPS work but I'd rather they invest those resources into third person Dead Space titles. The amazing suit details being one of those reason why : /

Iroquois_Pliskin2205d ago

no no no no... ffs EA dont ruin Dead Space!

Kurt Russell2205d ago

I would rather they made it a dating sim.

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wicko2206d ago

You realize these are spinoffs right? So a real Dead Space 3 will probably still appear, and honestly I think that's what matters most.

SilentNegotiator2205d ago

Yeah, they already created a first person Dead Space on the Wii. And Dead Space 2 still released.

JaredH2206d ago (Edited 2206d ago )

I think the only way this could work would be for the controls to have weight, not be floaty like COD, and to have it like Halo where if you look down you can actually see your body. They would need to keep the atmosphere of Dead Space 1 and 2.

I would rather have another third person game but if they do make a spin-off first person game it better not be action oriented and still be survival horror. Unfortunately it'll probably just be a generic shooter that rehashes generic shooter ideas and levels.

You can't really call it milking though since each other the games they might make are drastically different than each other.

iChii2205d ago

Don't do this EA... Dead Space 2 was my favorite game 2011 BUT DONT RUIN IT.

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Focus2206d ago

Fail waiting to happen

topgeareasy2206d ago

if it is using frostbite 2 than it could be good but I highly doubt it tho

Jobesy2206d ago

FB 2 is way overrated. I also don't like the washed out look it adds to games.

Ducky2206d ago

The 'washed out look' isn't a characteristic of the engine.
It's just (poor?) design choice by the devs.

LeShin2206d ago

.....and I guess I won't be buying the next Dead Space then. <sigh> it's turning into the bloody fps generation!! Thank goodness for games like Dark Souls...

FunkMcnasty2206d ago

Why all the worry? I would have no problem with a dead space FPS. They were great 3rd person action games, and I'm sure the survival horror vibe would extend to the more immersive 1st person view.

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