8 Reasons Why The PSP Will Never, Ever Overtake the DS

Ever think that the PSP can overtake the DS? Well think again. Here are some reasons why that won't be happening.

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HarryEtTubMan3855d ago

lol it proablly wont but its only been out 2 years and will easily break 100 million in its lifetime. The PSP is now selling very well... better than the Wii.

smoothdude3854d ago

Do you mean the PSP has sold more than the Wii? I am not sure how it is selling better, because Wii is outselling everything right now.

Bull5hifT3854d ago

yes 25,000,000 PSPs sold and 11- 13 million wii sold

who sold more?

smoothdude3852d ago (Edited 3852d ago )

oh, I thought that you meant monthly sales. It won't take the Wii long to overtake the psp if you consider that the psp has already been out for a while, in fact, if the Wii continues to sell like it is now it will have the psp beat next year.

I do prefer the PSP over the DS though. Games for the PSP are more satisfying, with the exception for Zelda Phantom Hour Glass.

MaximusPrime_3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

i think PSP and DS are two fine handheld gadget.

I got PSP and am keen to get DS.

gaffyh3855d ago

They are both good, I have both, but had a PSP first so always wanted to go to the other side. The DS has a lot of games, but a lot of them are just flash games you can get for PC, but that isn't my problem with it.

Once you get used to the PSP XMB and you get a DS you realise how good the PSP actually is, the DS seems so primitive compared to the PSP firmware. When you get one you will understand, it's got some great games like Zelda and Advance Wars etc though.

BrotherNick3854d ago

I do admit that the multimedia capabilities and graphics for the psp is much better, but if you want games the ds will keep you busy.

xplosneer3855d ago

Doesn't make either less good does it?
DS is just too far ahead, but for Sony's first outing on a handheld it's not bad.

Demorus3855d ago

i agree, it is the 5ft handled console for Nintendo (if i count the SP edition) and the first for Sony and i know more people that have a DS but i never see them playing and and i see those who have a PSP playing with

socomnick3855d ago

I got a ds I might get a psp only for homebrew.

jackdoe3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Well, kind of obvious. The DS's lead is way to big. But the PSP doesn't need to overtake the DS to be a success so it shouldn't matter too much to Sony. And both handheld's can co-exist. I own a DSLite and will buy a PSP whenever Crisis Core gets localized here.

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The story is too old to be commented.