Killzone & Sentry Bots

Being the resourceful ones at the art of war, the Helghast created Sentry Bots to help out in some of the dirty work during their attack on the planet Vekta. While these machines had a role to play in the invasion, they were an overall failure in the war effort. The Helghast seemed to have scrapped them as they were absent from the Liberation portion of the series.

It would seem that the Helghast didn't completely give up on these bots. They have been remodeled and renamed for Killzone 2 as seen in the Killzone 2 E3 05 trailer, as well as the realtime Killzone 2 demo. Currently dubbed the A.T.A.C.(automated attack craft?), these bots have been revamped(see image below) to be faster and deadlier. The ISA have some rough times ahead.

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LJWooly3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

Killzone 2 better be good, it'll be such a disappointment, and not to mention waste of 40 million+ dollars, if it isn't. I know it looks as if it's gonna be undoubtedly good, but so did Heavenly Sword, and peoples' views on that were pretty mixed. It was a good game, but too short.

Go Guerilla!

zonetrooper53950d ago

Graphics don't matter as much as gameplay, if the gameplay is excellent then I will love it. However all they have done so far is hype up the graphics.

It is another corridor shooter, but if the gameplay is balanced and fun then I will buy it. I did like the first Killzone although it had alot of flaws. I do not expect this game to be a 10/10 and sell 5 million on release day lol. I exepect a solid game with great graphics, gameplay and features to keep me playing.

LJWooly3950d ago

Your right, graphics aren't the most important thing, but an important thing is immersion, and good graphics help immerse the player, if you know what I mean.
Agreed, they need to emphasise on the gameplay a little bit more than the graphics, though.

GlossGreen3950d ago

I did like the first game. It had it's flaws but I still thought it was creative and challenging. Seeing all these new aspects to the game makes me look forward to it even more. Halo killer...Who cares. If it's a good game, it's a good game. It doesn't have to be perfect to be as good as Halo.

LJWooly3950d ago

It doesn't even have to be that good to be as good as Halo.

Nah, i'm joking. Halo's okay, albeit overrated to the extreme.

Ace_Shooter3950d ago

while it still looks fantastic. i am getting a little worried about the gameplay. while it does look promising, the only thing thats bothering me is the speed. after looking at it for a long time, it started looking a little slow to me specifically when you 'reload' and 'shoot' (the bullets look like it takes a while to impact what you're shooting at). i could imagine when you play online if you reload slowly, that would take a lot of fun away. maybe i have to play it so i wont notice it but, i hope they speed up the 'reload' times and the speed ratio of your bullets to impact. What i like about halo is that you can shoot accross the level with the 'assault rifle' and you will hit your target at great speeds. I really do wish Killzone 2 turns out great. Dont forget about the fun guys @ Guerrilla. Just speed those elements up, keep the gameplay fun, graphics are there already and they'll have themselves a winner.

CaliGamer3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I wouldn't be worried about how this game is coming along, Sony has a very talented stable of 1st party developers, arguably the best in the industry.
I for one applaud GG for not showing their hand too early, and I don't think that there is much to worry about. Graphics are the first thing that people focus on, because its the easiest thing to use to indicate a games level of performance compared to other games. GG and Sony know how much is riding on this game, and they are watching the competition very closely.

If you take what GG has said then the graphics for the game look almost done at the pre alpha stage, and E3 was a few months ago, if you go back and look at game impressions from E3 07, the game play issues were not out of control. Other than some alleged AI issues ( which make sense if you are trying to showcase a games technical side and visuals, it might be easier to put the game on easy or god mode so you can make these demonstrations), the controls were reputed to be solid, and everything looked to be on the right track.

The first game while a victim of MEDIA hype, was a decent game on the PS2, but it must be said that this time around GG has a great deal more support from Sony, and this should and will reflect in the final product. Not to mention KZ Liberation which demonstrated a movement forward in the KZ vision and its game design.

Many just tend to look at KZ1 as the only chapter in GG history, but a shaky beginning doesn't mean that a company cannot learn from its mistakes and take steps to make improve. If that were the case then MS should be deemed a failure in the video gaming industry, but we all know that that is not the case.

I will be happy when GG gives more information on this game and I am as anxious as anyone, but given the way they handled all the haters that said that the target render was not possible, I believe we might be in for a treat when this game finally ships. They need to move forward when they are good and ready, not because the media or a small minority of haters are getting restless about new KZ 2 info.

Clinton5143950d ago

I can't say much to follow that one, bubbles for you. :)