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Submitted by BIoodmask 2990d ago | review 'Mass Effect' One of Best Sci-Fi Games Ever

Matt Slagle writes, "Video games like "Mass Effect" don't come around too often, and good thing: This new science fiction epic is so good it's basically sucking away all of my free time."

"There's a ton of dialogue here, and it's all well-done and relatively interesting by video-game standards."

"Mass Effect battles are what it would be like if you could play chess, Dungeons and Dragons and rock-paper-scissors at the same time."

"There are many role-playing elements, which is cool because you can really tweak Shepard and your computer-controlled companions for the many missions. Planning, strategy and skill-point allocation far outweigh fast reflexes, that's for sure."

"The graphics are superb on the Xbox 360, with some of the most realistic-looking aliens around, if that makes any sense."

"The dialogue sequences are shot like big-budget movies and feature some wondrous backdrops such as sprawling space stations and seedy, dimly lit bars."

"With games like this lasting for weeks and weeks, why even bother with commercial-filled televised space dramas you can't control?" (Mass Effect, Xbox 360) 3.5/4

MaximusPrime_   2990d ago | Spam
ichimaru  +   2990d ago
please spam another thread, preferably one that hs to do with KZ. or at least the ps3
deadeyes99  +   2989d ago
this isn't one of...
it is THE best.
Rice  +   2989d ago
I'm sorry, it's one of the best, unless it wins GOTY, i would re-consider....
BLACKJACK VII  +   2989d ago
slak  +   2989d ago
This game Rocks
I played the game 2 times now and going for a 3nd. GOTY
rofldings  +   2989d ago
lol faux news.
iceice123  +   2989d ago
And you watch...?
CNN? MSNBC? Anything you say about Fox can be said about the other, you probably just have to replace republican with democrat.
dhammalama  +   2989d ago
No way icewake.
Fox news is a joke. TOTAL CRAP.

Mass Effect is great though.
rofldings  +   2989d ago
No. I do not watch American news, it's generally crap compared to BBC or even CBC.

And trust me, it's not that Fox has a republican spin on everything, their stories are usually so misinformed, retarded, etc.

I mean, seriously, a network that hosts Bill O Reilly deserves to be shut down, amirite?
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ShiftyLookingCow  +   2989d ago
this game is GOTY for me but FOX NEWS sucks just as usual.
Danny VII  +   2989d ago
Now that im 19 video games just dont pull me in for hours at a time like they did when i was younger but i have to say Mass Effect is on hell of an exception. Ive Clocked somewere around 80 hours into this game and im on my third character. I still have yet to explore and do everything the game which is amazing. despite some minor graphical glitches i think this game is definately a 10.

I really hope they make a second
OOG FunK  +   2989d ago
man...ive been tryn so hard not to buy this game till around xmas cuz I just dont got the time to play it....but damn everyone I know that has played it was hooked and think it is phenomenal....AHHH I just cant wait to play it....
gamesblow  +   2989d ago
Foxnews, a microsoft affiliate, says that mass effect, a microsoft exclusive, is the best game ever!!! Who'd have thunk it? Please, what a joke... the game, the graphics, the framerate... it's all limmited by the xbox 360's power. The game is good, but as I said... it just doesn't run as well as it should or could have. This game should've been made for pc. Simple as that.
KratosKilla  +   2989d ago
Why does this upset you? Who cares what Fox News thinks. I'm sure Mass Effect is a great game. Just relax.
gamesblow  +   2989d ago
Mass Effect is a good game. I loved my time with it, but I couldn't finish it and didn't get but 6 hours into it before stepping away from it. I just don't have the time to invest in games like this. The thing here is... MAss Effect was riddled with problems. Slowdown, choppy pop in, Graphical hits and misses, Clipping, a lot of things made the game not so great looking. The textures weren't very detailed up close, either... As I said, Mass Effect was limitted by console power. If the game was made for Pc, it'd have been brilliant. Ps3 and xbox 360, both, couldn't handle mass effect, I don't think. Ps3 could have had the benifit of more disc space... but was that a factor here? I don't think so... I think it was the lack of overall power the xbox 360 has. If you played it, you know what I'm talking about... if not... go on thining it's perfect, when it's not.
iceice123  +   2989d ago
Alan Wake
First part cancelled Microsoft game and it isn't even first party, that really showed everyone how much you know :) Nobody wants your opinion. You're terrible.
bumnut  +   2989d ago
right on gamesblow
i have been saying this for weeks but no-one agrees with me.

people are just swept along with the hype.

i got down to about 5 fps at times, which made it totally unplayable.
JasonPC360PS3Wii  +   2989d ago
I bet any amount of money, your a lonely person living in your mothers basement. I bet you never been laid.
Gamingisfornerds  +   2989d ago
The console was not the limiting factor here, that's juts pure nonsense.
The limiting factor here is MS rushing this project, not giving Bioware the chance to properly polish it, or not caring.

Another thing is the gameplay. The gameplay just isn't as deep as it should've been and you don't need tons of power to realise this. Last time I checked, games "last-gen" did just fine without all the processing power available "this-gen". It's just about what you're aiming to achieve, making the right trade-offs and what you spend time and resources on etc.

Mass Effect isn't flawed because it has low res textures (that's a very odd argument!), or because of the lack of polish (yes, it can be frustrating but it doesn't ruin the experience). No, it's flawed (read: doesn't live up to it's promise) because it doesn't deliver on some essential gameplay mechanics such as:

Enviromental exploration, combat, gameplay/story freedom (which is nowhere as "free" as advertised) etc.

However, the presentation of this game is like nothing else out there. Sure, the conversations are clunky at times and the animations are not that great either. But the amount of detail that has gone into this game is nothing short of stunning. The universe Bioware created here is as deep as it gets and you can only experience this when actually playing the game. It's just immense fun to play this game. To be in, and explore this universe. And if you like action RPG's, you'll most likely feel the same way.

The problem is, the overal experience is fantastic, but as a game it falls a little short here and there. This is what puts off a lot of people obviously. But if you get past that and overlook the technical hiccups, behind that lies the most satisfying experience I've had this gen.

Definitely my GOTY. This game is a typical example of "greater than the sum of it's parts". It's the most time I've spent on a game this gen and the most fun I've had aswell. And that's what it's ultimately about, right?
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ngg12345  +   2989d ago
Yet receives a 3.5/4
Which is an AA game. I mean honestly, if it is one of the best games at least give it a AAA score.
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ThaGeNeCySt  +   2989d ago
Definately my GOTY... either this or Uncharted/COD4
Double-Edged  +   2989d ago
for me..
I still say Halo3 is GOTY.

oh well...
Halo3 is a better sci-fi game than this.
c'mon... the needler!!!
IGNFTW  +   2989d ago


FirstknighT  +   2989d ago
I think the sony boys are in full effect with their hatred on the 360. Especially since AAA titles have been coming out left and right while the ps3 is still searching for one. Mass Effect has been called one of the best rpg's ever by many sites.

The jealousy and excuses from the sony fanboys are very noticeable when it comes with 360 games.
ngg12345  +   2989d ago
This game didn't get AAA here
it got a 3.5/4 which is a 87.5.
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FirstknighT  +   2989d ago
87??? You mean the overall average of Uncharted????

Sorry dude, but the overall average of Mass Effect is 92%.
jwatt  +   2989d ago
I have both Uncharted and Mass effect but I like Uncharted alot better, the gamepaly is more fun. I mean I was really amazed with how you can create your character and everything but when you actually start playing I didn't think it was all that good. I actually couldn't finish the game and maybe that's why I don't like it, I don't know.

I think GOTY goes to Call of Duty 4, that game actually took me away from Halo.
TheMART  +   2989d ago
How can you ever compare the Indiana Jones shooter game Uncharted with an RPG that has shooter elements with each other?

Two different genres dude.

As is personal preference subjective. Metacritics/Gamerankings take all reviews, which say:

Uncharted 88%
Mass Effect 92%
Real gamer 4 life  +   2989d ago
to they actually aired this on television??? Now the news is rating games??
dhammalama  +   2989d ago
It's "Fox News"
You are thinking of the News, as in real news. This on the other hand is "Fox news" . something different all together.
ROCCOZILLA  +   2989d ago
does m$ make any games without aliens or lazers.that system is a joke.hang it up next year boys!
ElementsUnknown  +   2989d ago
Roccozilla, what is a "Lazer"? Is that kinda like a "Laser"?...
as in Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.

Maybe you should learn how to spell before you spout your console war propaganda.

BTW, it's irrelevant if you like Fox news or not, just be happy that any mainstream media outlet is reporting positive stories about gaming. Hopefully when we all have kids gaming will be respected entertainment medium alongside music and movies and we can tell stories about crazy Jack Thompson and all the crazies that we had to deal with just to enjoy our games (which our kids will take for granted).
Xi  +   2989d ago
it sure does
but only a retard would think otherwise. After all ps3 is now the bigger shooter system.
chrno6  +   2989d ago
I played the game at my friend's house and there are so many glitches. Like when u overheat ur gun u can't zoom in anymore until u switch to another gun, so annoying.
ichimaru  +   2989d ago
@above, i don't think that was a glitch. if so it was a horrible example, and btw every gae has a bug or two. if you can't look past them to see what a great game really is , then you are weak man. i should know i used to do the same. sometimes still do
QQcrybaby  +   2989d ago
A few things
1. Most people here bashing FOX news probably haven't ever watched it. FOX news gets higher ratings than CNN and MSNBC combined. Yes, combined. I know that ratings do not equal quality, just pointing that out so some of you will have more to QQ over.

2. The only RPG better than Mass Effect imo is Baldur's Gate II.
bloop  +   2989d ago
Def my GOTY anyway.......
....40 hours in on my first play and still plenty left to do. Admittedly there are a number problems, framerate probably being the most problematic, but I dont think the bugs are that severe that they take from the enjoyment of the game. I have to finish this game soon or my social life is completely over!!!
drewlusk  +   2989d ago
I'd give it a 8.5 out of 10
I admit it that I am an xbox fanboy and damn proud of it. I rented Mass Effect for 2 weeks and still have not beat it. I would not give the game a 10 more like a 8.5. Here is my reasoning for the score.

1. Framerate issues
2. Some chessy dialogue and side missions
3. Action seems to repetative and forced in some respect
4. Considerable learning curve for non-RPG fans
5. Kinda boring in some parts

Here's the great things

1. The game looks terrific even with some framerate issues
2. Huge landscapes and worlds
3. Tons of dialogue (Which is my favorite part)
4. Great story for the most part interesting
5. You get a lot of game for your money with potential for more Via downloadable content.

Overall better than anything Sony has released to date.

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