8.8 'Mass Effect' One of Best Sci-Fi Games Ever

Matt Slagle writes, "Video games like "Mass Effect" don't come around too often, and good thing: This new science fiction epic is so good it's basically sucking away all of my free time."

"There's a ton of dialogue here, and it's all well-done and relatively interesting by video-game standards."

"Mass Effect battles are what it would be like if you could play chess, Dungeons and Dragons and rock-paper-scissors at the same time."

"There are many role-playing elements, which is cool because you can really tweak Shepard and your computer-controlled companions for the many missions. Planning, strategy and skill-point allocation far outweigh fast reflexes, that's for sure."

"The graphics are superb on the Xbox 360, with some of the most realistic-looking aliens around, if that makes any sense."

"The dialogue sequences are shot like big-budget movies and feature some wondrous backdrops such as sprawling space stations and seedy, dimly lit bars."

"With games like this lasting for weeks and weeks, why even bother with commercial-filled televised space dramas you can't control?"

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ichimaru3945d ago

please spam another thread, preferably one that hs to do with KZ. or at least the ps3

Rice3945d ago

I'm sorry, it's one of the best, unless it wins GOTY, i would re-consider....

slak3945d ago

I played the game 2 times now and going for a 3nd. GOTY

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The story is too old to be commented.