Square Enix boss talks marketing strategy

Square Enix's current president, Yoichi Wada, has released an annual report that describes future plans of new and old franchises.

Wada says that the company is working on titles that belong to successful franchises such as Kingdom Hearts and Full Metal Alchemist, while working on new ideas and projects such as Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Young King and the Promised Land for the Wii Ware service and The Last Remnant for the Sony PlayStation 3 and Microsoft's Xbox 360.

In his report Wada says that Square Enix only releases a product once everyone are satisfied with it, as the company will never release a product of low quality. "We will never lower a franchise's reputation", Wada adds.

In order to prevent hurting the hardcore fans (fan-base) of a certain franchise, Wada says, Square Enix will not do any drastic changes. "Take the example of a 10 million fan-base. If we attempt to enlarge it to 100 million by changing many things, we might hurt the fan-base. There's just no sense to hurt the true fans just to please everyone else", Wada adds.

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Avto3878d ago

Why is that I'm the only one to comment on this "complicated" things and all of you only show up once someone starts bashing/praising PS3 by the way Yoichi Wada just reaffirm FFXIII PS3 exclusivity "10 million fan-base" at least 10 million PS3 by the time FFXIII is out I doubt 100 mil X360 by then but it was just a figure of speech

Darkiewonder3878d ago

but Dirge of Cerberus was a letdown.

But damn, they just said it themselves, the "big" titles probably won't come out until 2009 or later :o

name3878d ago

News devoid of console war influence is usually ignored.

goldenxbox3878d ago

Until there are more Xbox360 games announced don't talk to me about your strategy !!!

We don't plan to buy even one of your games on Playstation and don't want them !!!

We aren't even buying a playstation for a long time !!

So until you have something to announce for XBOX360, don't announce anything at all !!!!

We are very happy with the Lost Odyssey and so on !

jinn3878d ago

how about ffvs13 also on xbox360