New Modern Warfare 3 Patch Details – Dual FMGs to be Nerfed and More

MP1st - Robert Bowling sheds some light on some of what’s being fixed and re-balanced in Modern Warfare 3 this week.

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Mister_V2398d ago

Nerf dem FMG's! If they get all these guns really properly balanced, it could be one of the best CoDs yet imo.


between the bullet lag,shit maps and stupid spawn system, the fmgs are the last thing that needs addressing.

-Alpha2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

^ This

I cant stand the hit detection and lag. When you die as fast as you do in MW3, it really hurts when the netcoding feels so off.

Drabent2397d ago

OMG U 2!!! Lag is the only thing wrong with CoD. Thing is no other game lags that bad but they try to say its our Nat. When I play BF2,3, Socom, any other shooter they die point blank with a decent amout of bullets. But when I put a CoD disc in O.o Lagfest no naked chicz><

frostypants2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yeah, ever notice that when someone kills you, you usually only hear the one bullet that takes you out, but the preceding 30 rounds that were apparently fired were completely silent? And sometimes the round you DO hear sounds like a shotgun blast, even if it was fired from a silenced SMG? The netcode for this game is complete shart.

Criminal2398d ago

Also they have to address lag in order for MW3 to really shine.

ReservoirDog3162398d ago

My biggest issue is the mic quality. Sounds like a bunch of robots talking. Hope they fix it.

FAGOL2398d ago

Yh I think MW2 was the same. Blops was better when it came to mic quality.

brodychet2397d ago

Issues to me in order of importance:
1. Bulletlag, lag in general.
2. Awful mic system
3. Overpowered FMGs haha.
4. Spawns. Not so bad, but it's clearly noticeable.
5. Most maps are really small. But i assume in the future there'll be bigger maps that come out.

farhad2k82398d ago

I haven't really come across these FMG's.. but then again I just play Hardcore.
I also never come across lag.. hmm.. must be one of the lucky few.

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xstreetsweeperx2398d ago

There are a lot more things wrong then just guns though.

Mister_V2398d ago

Contradictory to what I said earlier, I definitely do have parts of me that still miss Black Ops. Especially when it comes to balance.

lorianguy2398d ago

Haha THANK YOU!! Those FMG's are ridiculously overpowered.

But I can forgive them for the cool way you bring them out.

JeffGUNZ2398d ago

haha was thinking the same thing bro.

PshycoNinja2398d ago

Noooooo! Not my FMG's! Oh well, time to divize a new strategy.

xxmatrix1xx2398d ago

I guess people haven't found out about the akimbo Skorpions lol their waaaaaay more cheap. You could basically snipe with them...THERES SO MUCH WRONG WITH THIS GAME


snipe is an understatement. I took out a choppa with the skorpions. I mean spraying at it all the way up in the air and if felt like 90% of my bullets were hitting it bang on.

dcortz20272398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

I've already tried them, not even close to being cheap. It takes as much bullets as it takes any gun in this game to kill someone with the skorps. Now the akimbo FMG's, those things are cheap! One little spray with those things and I'm dead, bull sh*t!

FAGOL2398d ago

No they're not. Their clip size are way too small. I mean you can maybe get a double once in a while but anyhting higher would be incredibly hard.

You have to be in close quarters to use them effectively.

There are quite a few things wrong with this game but akimbo scorpions are not.


if you put the perk on that reduces hip fire, no joke, you really can take people out at quite a good distance quite accurately.

Cosmit2397d ago

I tried them out yesterday because of what matrix stated. There not as good as the dual FMG. Like you said, the clip isn't big enough. And the FMGs are more accurate at longer ranges.

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