PlayStation 3 GPU Accessed though Linux? reports that "some hackers have announced that they've discovered a way to access the 3D contexts on the Graphics Processor Unit of the PlayStation 3. If what they say is true, then this will allow homebrew developers to create their own 3D applications for the console.

CNLohr posted a video on YouTube of the PlayStation 3 running some code in Linux. Allegedly, the hypervisor is talking with the nVidia RSX video card of the console to render the three animated quads in the foreground and the triangles in the background.

According to CNLohr, the demo being used is a modified version of IronPeter's libps3rsx from For those who want to try replicating his setup, the PS3 is running using a patched 2.6.24 experimental, unofficial kernel on Gentoo Linux".

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radzy3950d ago

if that happens then the ps3 will sell into the roof and the ratio of games bought to console sold is gonna get very interesting.
ps3 already struggling on that ratio already. hmmm

Ru3950d ago

the ratio of games STOLE

illizit3950d ago

Just because the GPU can be accessed through linux does not mean the PS3 can now Load ISO's, etc nor has it made it easier. We are far away from that. The only thing this means for now is we can play some homebrew games included N64 emulators, etc. Can't Wait!

QuackPot3950d ago

Nearing the end of the Ps3's life cycle Sony will release its own optimized version of Linux for their machine.

This will test the water for a dual boot system for the Ps4 and will also extend the life of the Ps3 a couple of more years as you'll get a gaming machine with a huge library of games, media center & PC for < US$150.

Let's wait and see around 2012

But for the time being, Ubuntu's my favourite Distro on the Ps3.

Muppetmeat3950d ago

Homebrew development kicks ass... What you saw on the PS2 is only a fraction of what they can do with the PS3 now.

Ahmadinejad3950d ago

Whatever happens, these hacks always help ps3 sales and finally there is some good sales figures to look forward too

Bladestar3950d ago

it depends.. what... hackers help sell hardware not software. As matter of fact it hurts game sells.. not only because people can download the games for free.. but because people running modded boxes will most likely not connect online with the box or buy any new game because they include firmware updates that may risk unmodding the box. Like the PSP... ohh yeah.. and remember.. SOny loses money on each console sold.. that means they would lose money... a PS3 sold that does not sell games is a move backwards for Sony.

EZCheez3950d ago

No firmware update will ever effect how Linux runs on your PS3 because it creates it's own partition on the hard drive. Firmware updates for the PS3 are completely harmless to the Linux OS.

Also, you're giving this news a negative spin. Seriously, how many people do you know of that actually use Linux? I mean KNOW how to use Linux? This will not effect PS3 software sales because hardly anyone knows how to use it to begin with.

This is great news though because now better emulators and other programs will be able to work for the first time with Linux. Linux is a great untapped resource and I for one believe that Sony messed up by not having it already preinstalled (It only takes 10Gb and its well worth it) which I believe was an option before it launched. Have you seen some programs that people have created for Linux? Some of them are downright amazing, especially Wine, which essentially turns Linux into Windows. THAT's when access to the RSX will really show it's advantages and potential.

And did I mention it's all FREE? Fun stuff for a nerd such as myself.

Ahmadinejad3950d ago

WEll i do think some people after they modded their console will stop buying games but a lot still do so, i think in general the install base will increase and if they add measures for online play being only availible to legit systems it should help a bit. also sony makes a lot of money on accessories so if people are buyign the console for copied games they will need to buy extra controllers and wires...

for 360 i know a lot of people that have 2 boxes, one for offline games which they download and one for online ones which they buy legit and use the unmodded box so if sony does that it might help.

personally i dont go into the whole "your stealing softwrare" argument becuase i think paying £50 for a game is legal thiefing and only allowed cause there is not other option availible.

DongHungLong3950d ago


Wrong, updated firmware can change the way the hypervisor functions and therefore make this RSX fix all but null. Pretty sure someone even mentions this on the original thread @ps2dev site where this is coming from.

EZCheez3950d ago

Okay. That's the RSX but I wasn't talking about that. I said it doesn't affect the Linux OS, which is doesn't.

So I won't say you're wrong, you're just off topic.

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Bladestar3950d ago

that would be great.. can't wait until the PS3 becomes the home ground for homebrew like the PSP is... I would buy a PS3 on day 1... imagine playing all the old Nes, Snes, PSP, N64...

EZCheez3950d ago

Have you heard of SNES9X? It's an easy install into the Yellow Dog Linux OS and it allows you to play old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games. I have about 100 installed right now including Castlevania, Chrono Trigger, Mario Kart, Super Mario World, and every other Super Nintendo game ever made. It's funny looking at the file size of these games in comparison to the ones out now because there only a few Mb a piece. And there a lot more and like I said in my previous post now that they have even more power to mess around with eventually someone will come up with better emulators.

Could you imagine a 360 emulator running on the PS3? Probably impossible because of RAM constraints, but you never know. Nerds are good like that.

socomnick3950d ago

A xbox 360 emulator on the ps3 would be like having a n64 emulator on a super nintendo it wouldn't run well.

DongHungLong3950d ago

Seriously this will have no affect on PS3 ISO loading x_x. Thats a completely different animal for those who are saying that. This will simply mean GPU support in Linux nothing more nothing less. So emulators will work but it will have no affect on the actual PS3 OS...

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