Best Console Choices for Holiday Gifts: Xbox 360, Wii, and DS

With three-quarters of all households playing video games, it's a safe bet many are ending up on shopping lists. But what to get for that gamer in peoples life? Here are some of this year's best games and gaming accessories.

Best gift for the family to play together: Rock Band

Best gift for the gamer with nostalgia: Dragon's Lair

Best shooter if they own an Xbox 360: Halo 3

Best shooter if they don't play online: Bioshock

Best shooter if they don't own an Xbox: The Orange Box

Best new game for the Wii: Super Mario Galaxy

Best game system if they play online: The Xbox 360 Elite

Best game system if they don't play online: The Nintendo Wii

Best game system to get the kids: Nintendo DS

Best new accessory: The Zapper for the Nintendo Wii

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crunchie1013946d ago

This article says that the 360 Elite has a built in HD-DVD drive. IT doesn't. Oh dear.

ukilnme3946d ago

the system that has the games you like. PSWii60 for me.

Baba19063946d ago

all consoles are good choices i think. i am more than happy with my ps3. i dont doubt that the list above is also valid. i can honestly believe that xbox owners are very happy with their console, as well as wii owners.

LJWooly3946d ago

DS = worst console ever. lol.

ichimaru3946d ago

the wii owns this holiday, and i am not a nintendo fan. just a realist

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The story is too old to be commented.