All Cnet and Eidos websites/games will be filtered from NeoGAF in protest

From Neogaf Mod: "In support of Jeff Gerstmann and in protest of the alleged wrongful termination, NeoGAF will be filtering CNET websites and Eidos properties from our site for the remainder of 2007. I realize that Gamespot remains a major source of news, and Eidos has some games that someone here may possibly care about, but I request that no member starts a thread about a Cnet website or an Eidos game for the duration of the protest unless it is related to the Gerstmann/K&L controversy."

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YoMeViet3914d ago

Oh shyt this is gaining momentum fast! It's like a internet Revolution to bring down Gamespot, count me in on the protest of those Gamespot [email protected]!

radzy3914d ago

reviewed games. if you play the game and then hear his review, you will find it hard to disagree with him.
go neogaf , all the way. his been there for 11 years. he deserves better. eidos are f...cked. every game they have made in this generation has been a glitch frenzy. hitman : blood money, just cause, and now kane and lynch.
the story and plots of these games are ten out of ten , but execution of those games are under par.

Winter47th3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

F*kc Jeff, he's an idiot anyways, this's for showing major gaming websites that claims their professionalism that trading integrity and credibility for $$$ is not tolerated at all and won't go unnoticed.

Oh, and sign the petition please, make your voice be heard and won't be silenced by multi-million dollar corporations that think you're nothing more than a walking wallet and should suck you dry to the last penny in any means necessary even if it means firing a jackass off his job to achieve it.

Death3914d ago

Unless someone has actual proof that Jeff was terminated for not giving a glowing review, this is probably the most embarrasing self inflicted controvercy that gaming journalism has conjoured up. I am honestly embarrased for everyone who has jumped on this story without having all the facts.


antoinetm3914d ago

Couldnt agree more.

A lot of people are using this opportunity to bash gamespot because of their obvious biais against the ps3 (Which is true , obvious and totally unrelated to the present situation)

Hatchetforce3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

I agree. It is also hypocritical for sites like 1up to espouse support for this ass clown reviewer and condemn Gamespot for something they themselves perpetrate regularly. This guy had swelled to a massive pustule of self importance.

Additionally, even if it were true Gamespot fired him for the purported reasons, how does this implicate Eidos? Just because they say we don't like your reviews and are pulling our advertising? That is a far cry from saying "Fire him or we pull our advertising".

Eidos is a company that has to keep the financial interests of their investors at heart and advertising on a site where scores for a high profile title like Kane and Lynch were much lower than on other sites is a bad idea. It is simple common fiscal sense to move to a site where scores were more favorable.

This is also machs nichts as there isn't a shred of proof other than hearsay to support the claims of certain blithering idiots. This is a pure example of internet kneejerk reactionary tripe founded by people that have to be against...something.

Clinton5143914d ago

Pshh. too much attention is being given to this "ordeal"

greenenvy3914d ago

great news everybody, the petition has now reached easily 800 signatures & growing!!


ppl are flooding in from all over, from online & offline, the petition author already knows CNET owns metacritic but he has plans to deliver it to their chief editor anyway....

oh and they also got josh larson's personal address, its going to go smack on the face of his desk too!!

..we all need to stand in solidarity like the NeoGAF community, 'nd boycott them until they are tossed right out!

antoinetm3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

enough with that, CNET owns metacritics

its like asking for god of war 3 on the x360


goldenxbox3914d ago

CNet may in fact own metacritic but they don't own you or me !!
The whole point behind their petition fellow gamers, was to stand in solidarity & boycott their products until they agree to remove the site !!!

Remember, it is going to be delivered to the head editor and a copy will be thrown on Josh Larson's desk !!!!

Fellow gamers, shady review tactics effect everybody !! They can't ignore 1000+ of us boycotting their products, that is why another of their advertisers pulled out !!

antoinetm3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

How about a petition to ask CNET to give a portion of their advertising revenues to charity.

Because this might actually have a higher chance of success.

If you REALLY need a cause how about poverty or more funds for social , health or education programs.


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