BioWare Likes WoW But Thinks It Can Do Better

Massively reports: "GameInformer published an interview with BioWare President Greg Zeschuk and CEO Ray Muzyka in its December 2007 issue. Most of the questions in the interview focused on the EA acquisition, Mass Effect, and Dragon Age, but one did probe for information on the (KotOR?) MMO in development at BioWare's Austin studio.

Both Zeschuk and Muzyka admitted to being players and fans of World of Warcraft, but expressed dissatisfaction with the way that making progress in the game is so time-consuming that "it's almost like having another job." They said they are thinking about ways to make the genre more accessible and easier to "pick up and play and have fun.""

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YoMeViet3946d ago

If you say so, but if they can make a MMORPG better than WoW then I would totally buy it.

jaja14343946d ago

WoW was great, but they completely ruined the PvP. When I could kill (as a Warlock) any mage/priest without even trying, the something is very wrong. And on the flip and decent rogue/hunter could swat me out of this world without batting an eyelash. I know its hard to balance 8 different classes with respect to how they face off againest another, but I should never be able to kill "x" class all the time just because I'm of another class.

Then I just got bored of running instance after instance after instance. I don't even want to think about how many times I ran BWL, never mind MC. Hence when I quit. :)

antoinetm3946d ago

Going against blizzard is ambitious... especially when your under the supervision of EA (the inhibitor of innovation)

Bnet3433946d ago

KOTOR MMO!!! my god how dumb can you be!!! it will sell millions!!!! screw galaxies

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The story is too old to be commented.