More than half of Skyrim's players won't finish the game

Whilst Skyrim is still new and many gamers sinking the hours in, it's a harsh reality for any developer to get people to finish the games they have laboured over for years.

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Kur02303d ago

I'm one of those people, the game has too much crap to get sidetracked on and then I get burnt out on the boring caves and underground dungeons.

ApplEaglElephant2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I play at highest difficulty and it is too easy.

I just sneak and shoot arrows. if i get discovered, i use unrelenting shout and go hide again.

and i am only mid Level 20s.

vickers5002303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

Then up the difficulty, and go for more a melee centric (or even mage centric) play style to mix it up. It's undoubtedly going to get boring if all you are using is snipe and run tactics.

dark-hollow2303d ago

play as mage only and see how your a$$ will get handed to ya :D

MidnytRain2303d ago

Maybe you should use a less cheap playstyle, lol, I don't know.

Bigpappy2303d ago

And stop using all the cheats you find on the internet to make the game easier, then complain that you are bored.

snipes1012302d ago (Edited 2302d ago )

He can't exactly up the difficulty when he's already playing at the highest one ;p

humbleopinion2302d ago

Game is too easy for me! I abuse game glitches so it's not fun anymore!

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Tanir2303d ago

its true, this happened to me in morrowwind, oblivion and soon skyrim. (i have it, didn't touch it yet)

game is enticing and fun to play......then after 100 hours and realizing you did nothing and there is tons to do, you open your eyes and realize a ton of other games came out, and your tired of playing the same game forever you just say "I'll finish it eventually" then it never happens.

noooow if dark souls was an eternally long game i wouldnt care! sooo good. i get 100 hours in first play through, play it again and still have a blast. not sure why that is......challenge maybe?

frostypants2303d ago

Aw man, you just reminded me...I gotta get back to Dark Souls! I've been neck deep in BF3/MW3/Skyrim for the last few weeks.

cogniveritas2303d ago

I like being able to take a break from a game and come back later knowing there is more to do. I just took a small break for Assassin's Creed:R (not finished yet) and Saint's Row 3 (Finished and had a great time). Now back to Skyrim until new games come out next Jan/Feb.

NeoTribe2302d ago

I bought the first and had alittle fun with it but its dark dingy and depressing. Oh and it has really shitty graphics. Oh wait and the music sucks. Oh wait one more thing, charachter classes have NO specialness to them, there all the same character with different starting stats. Wtf is so great about it. Really the whole game is a weak memorizing mind fuck of an rpg, just remember where the enemys are and dont repeat mistakes. I do agree with ur skyrim statement though.

awi59512302d ago

I played 400 hours of obivion and still arent finished with it yet. I wasnt bored of it i enjoyed it all but it has too much content lol.

ArabianKnight012302d ago

My main gripe is leveling is too quick and the ability to smith/enchant the best armor/weapons leaves me w/no motivation to complete all side quests or to grind for levels/better loot. I am playing on master as pure mage and I am OP, i smith-ed deadric armor with the double enchant perk I managed to become almost indestructible and my destruction magicka cost zero mana, ive made it too easy, and at level 49 i have 8 skill points waiting until i come across a challenge that will entice me to use them. After dlc i will prob go as pure 1h/shield warrior as the battles seem tougher upclose and personal and require more strategy than double cast lightning/ice storm...

jrbeerman112302d ago

Seriously, and the game is much better when you don't abuse smithing enchanting and alchemy.

It's there for people to break game if they want to but it's almost equivalent of using cheat codes.

So don't use cheat codes or game exploits and complain about difficulty or boredom.

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bunt-custardly2303d ago

More than half of Skyrim's players won't finish the game... and I'm not surprised. As big as Skyrim is, I have to wonder if that's a blessing in disguise or just an outright hindrance.

After having played Oblivion and sinking hours over months into that game, I know Skyrim is going to be huge, and addictive, thus meaning it cuts into such little time that's otherwise available for other games. On the plus side, a game like Skyrim is great for this reason, as frankly there's no need to buy another game for several months upto a year!

RavageX2303d ago

Just blame the new gen of gamers with short attention spans that play shooters all day long that have 2 hour campaigns.

Lord_Sloth2303d ago

OR those of us that just enjoy stopping and smelling the roses and aren't interested in TES' usual main storylines who happen to hate shooters.


Just because not all of us complete the campaign doesn't mean we won't plug several hundred hours into it. I'm already pushing 100 hours myself and haven't even completed a single plot line yet!

Isn't that the point of Elder Scrolls? To play it your own way? I remember reading an interview for Oblivion when a reporter asked what you do and the dev smiled and replied "What do you WANT to do?".

Hufandpuf2303d ago

"I'm already pushing 100 hours myself and haven't even completed a single plot line yet!"

How the hell did you do that? Do you have any shouts unlocked because you have to do certain story quests just to get more of them. Also the only way (That I know) to fight dragons is to do a mission at Whiterun.

Lord_Sloth2303d ago

I have killed the 1st dragon already. Th enext quest for the main story is going to see the Greybeards.

I just screw around as I always do in these games.

Also shouts seem rather useless in this game and fighting dragons is kind of annoying/brain dead because the things never land and when they do you just stand there and attack. Game needs a dodge roll or somethin.

lMHl2303d ago

you get this shout from the main quest that forces them to land

NeoTribe2302d ago

If u think shouts are useless u havnt found a good one or leveled any up. Second, The dragons usually always land, theres even a shout to lure em to u if there being a bitch.

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jthamind2303d ago

well, i'm not in that category. i'm 96 hours in on my first character at the moment, and not only am i still excited about finishing the game, but i'm already planning what my next character will be like.

Deeloc2303d ago (Edited 2303d ago )

I got work n a whole lot of other games to play.

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