PSN: Ubisoft's Birthday "gifts"

Ubisoft celebrates the 25th Birthday on PSN - already Translated in english

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thebudgetgamer1765d ago

Can't wait for some of that Haze dlc.


solidboss1765d ago

you sir, get an agree and bubbles.. is this for the u.s playstation store? i dont see any of these deals currently up

thebudgetgamer1765d ago

I'm at work, haven't had the chance to look.

thebudgetgamer1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Don't be hater, you know it's the beez kneez.

HAHA! people are too sensitive.

trouble_bubble1765d ago

It sold close to a million.

WildArmed1765d ago

lolol, jerk.

I'm thinking of picking up the PoP HD collection or the Splinter cell..
not too sure.. I still have about 10$ on PSN atm.

DarkTower8051765d ago

Sorry, but I thought "gifts" were supposed to be free.

gamingdroid1765d ago

They are a monetary gift from you to Ubisoft!

Mc Fadge1765d ago

Strongly recommend that NOBODY buy the Prince of Persia Trilogy. It's a horrible, horrible mess. I never played the games when they originally came out, and I couldn't get past the first hour of the original, even though I really wanted to.

Chnswdchldrn1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

A good idea of a gift is to let PC gamers experience their game Ghost recon future soldier in its entirety but I guess that isnt gonna happen and until that time Ubisoft can fuck right the fuck off.

You just gained a life long pirate, ubisoft. I was gonna buy GR:FS but after this shit, you best make R6 patriots gimped for the PC as well because you can bet your sweet ass I'm pirating that


yes mad

ryhanon1765d ago

I wish you had more bubbles because I actually am interested in what has you so angry. Does anyone else know what this is about?

Jovahkiin1765d ago

I bubbled him up in hopes of finding out too... its super intriguing haha

Kewl_Kat1765d ago

Can someone help me out on this one. I've read somewhere that the Splinter Cell collection has some inverted control problems, like you can't change it or something. Does that mean when I look up, I need to point the analog stick backwards, or the other way around?

Capt-FuzzyPants1765d ago

If both of the axixes are inverted it means everything is backwards. If one axix only one of the directions is backwards.

P_Bomb1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

It's been patched . People that like flight sim controls (press down to look up) were unable to until recently.

No Ubi' sales in this week's NA update it seems. Any eta on this, or region? 40% off the SC Collection has me a lil' interested.