Top 10 games in Wii´s first year

Nintendo Wii had it´s first birthday on November 19. When Wii was launched, most critics expected the Nintendo console was going to be in a far third place after PS3 and Xbox 360, but after one year gamers find it is the most popular home console in America and people who didnt purchase it yet are anxious to get one. The lucky consumers who have had the Wii since launch enjoyed hours and hours of fun and dozens of great games. But only 10 made the list.

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crazy250003912d ago (Edited 3912d ago )

im just excited to beat mario galaxy and metroid on my roommates nintendo, it sounds weird to say on my roommates wii lol, ima try resident evil too, said it was nicee

i dont like most of the games on that list though

solar3912d ago

RE:4 for the wii was a blast! i didnt play it as much as my roommate, who beat the game, but i def recommend it.

bym051d3912d ago

There were 10 good games for the Wii this year?

smoothdude3911d ago

I am suprised that Wii play didn't show up on the list since it is one of the biggest seller. I guess that is because people bought it for the controller and not the game. LoL

Kick The Ass3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

'Cause we all know SMG is utterly crap and is in no way better than... Rayman...

Seriously, WTF?!

Also, how can a game critic (or a Wii critic, judging out from the website) not spell properly?
C'mon, that's a must for critics, and even if you can't, you should probably have proof reader.

PS3Freak3911d ago

WARIOWARE SHOULD NOT BE ON THAT LIST...... that game was incredably bad.

bym051d3911d ago

Warioware's actually a game that I like on the Wii.

WTF with Wii Sports not being on that list? It's probably the most played Wii game by far. Tennis rocks.

PS360WII3911d ago

WarioWare was best on GBA after that it seems that they just got easier. That's a pretty decent list at putting in a little bit of everything, good variety.

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