What Gears of War 2 Needs

With Halo 3 being out on shelves for a couple of months now, its only natural for 360 gamers to look towards Microsoft's other giant IP and get excited. Although Gears of War 2 hasn't been officially confirmed, saying there will not be a sequel to the game that sold over 5 million units worldwide is like saying the sun will not rise tomorrow. Although the first game was amazing, there are some additions that gamers hope make it into the sequel.

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jinn3944d ago

it needs 4 player splitscreen multiplayer offline

jackdoe3944d ago

I think it was more of a technical limitation that kept four player split screen from happening in GeoW. If they manage to optimize enough so that the game will still be running at 30fps while maintaining the same visuals, it may happen.

stunt2133944d ago

it needs to include death match not just team based because personally prefer deathmatch

ichimaru3944d ago

what kind of tv do you have that 4 player splitscreen would be enjoyable?lol. but seriously that would be awsome if the did do that.

i think they need more weapns, better bosses. more of variation in the locus, and this may be wishful thinkng. i think vehicles would ruin the game personally.

G_CodeMonkey3944d ago

Quit sticking to the walls when trying to dive!!!!! Biggest hindrance to enjoyment--you're trying to move somewhere and dive, when you get stuck to the **** wall!!! Also fix the multitude of glitches.. Otherwise, best game ever (IMHO). gCM

ichimaru3944d ago


i agree that gets so annoying!!! when ever i want to roll or dive i jump to another wall, or vice versa!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.