Confirmed: Skyrim PS3 patch doesn't fix lag

Gaming In Entertainment writes: In our initial tests with Skyrim PS3 patch 2.01 (aka 1.2 on other systems) we found that gameplay was a lot smoother, although with a longer game session you’ll find nothing has changed and the well-known PS3 lag is still there.

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danswayuk2450d ago

The game is amazing but the PS3 lag issue is a joke, we wonder if it will ever get a fix.

mandf2450d ago

Lag is a internet problem. What Skyrim suffers from is framerate problems. Big difference. Journalism gets worse everyday.

jaosobno2450d ago

FFS Bethesda!!!

I ordered the game after they announced that the framerate problem is fixed and now this!?

Somebody should sue those imbecils for selling broken product.

dark-hollow2450d ago

buy pc/360 version.
problem solved

antihiroprotagonist2450d ago

what did you expect? fallout 3 and oblivion were both terrible on the PS3. I generally enjoy the PS3, but I was very disappointed in Bethesda's lack of support for it

khushand2450d ago

Oblivion was actually really good on PS3 it was the best console version since they had an extra year to work on it.

MasterCornholio2450d ago

But Bethesda didn't make the game for the PS3. They hired somebody else to do it.


Mikeyy2450d ago

Wait, who developed Oblivion for PS3?

I'm looking at the box and only See Bethesda Softworks.

It lists:
Bethesda Gamestudios
Bethesda Softworks
Havok (a physics engine)
Speedtree (Another engine to populate flora)
Gamebryo (an Engine)

and thats it.. Im confused.

danswayuk2450d ago

I agree, nothing wrong with the PS3, a lot wrong with Bethesda creating the same problems in Skyrim and Fallout 3.

Edgeofglory2450d ago

actually oblivion looked and played better on ps3 but Bethesda didn't make the ps3 version.

Septic2449d ago

Lol you mad bro? How old are you? 12? Keep trolling kid but you think Killzone 2 compares to Halo's multiplayer lol! Wow. Smoothness and brutal melee combat? Rofl. Compare that to a FPS that revolutionised fps gaming online on consoles and is far more skill based and refined plus vehicles and gasp....originality. And skill based? Don't mention your visual tech demo wannabe COD clone.

khushand2450d ago

It works fine for me maybe the people having problems should get another ps3. I've been playing for hours with no issues.

danswayuk2450d ago

Play a little longer it will happen, how big is your save file?

Robotronfiend2450d ago

Mine is 9.5mb and i've had very few issues at all. Only one freeze that required a restart in over 80 hours of game.

khushand2450d ago

my save file is over 10mb and the game works great.

NoNeedForAName2450d ago

The Lag, if anything, was actually worse for me after the patch yesterday. My game started freezing and hiccuping after like 2 hours instead of around 3 to 3.5-ish as before. I was super stoked when they said the patch was aimed specifically at long-term play problems but it literally has only made things worse for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.