WorthPlaying reviews TimeShift for PS3

Ultimately, TimeShift's most significant flaw is in going soft, not forcing the player to make better, more creative use of the time manipulation feature. You can, more or less, blast your way through in stock shooter style; most players will assuredly choose this path of least resistance. You can do some amazing or hilarious things, oftentimes both, with your time-shifting powers, but you are never required to do any greater analytical thinking than that required of the usual puzzle-solving in standard shooters.

Time-shifting or no, it plays like a traditional, exciting, sometimes intense FPS, but it's been released in the face of several exceptional examples of FPS titles. Six months from now, during the midst of the annual games drought in new titles, shooter games no better than TimeShift will be favored by some, if not many, critics and will also sell well to a thirsty FPS audience. To significantly mark off this title right now would be, if you'll pardon the pun, merely a matter of timing.

Score: 8.5/10

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Polluted3909d ago

I think I'll pick this one up when I spot it at a pawn shop for half price or something. The game looks okay, but it's not getting my $60 with UT3 and Orange Box around the corner.

Fade_Walker3909d ago

i rented the 360 version, it was alright but i dont know if its worth the $60...its better then there old build though

Bathyj3909d ago

With so many great games out now, I feel sorry for this one. Its going to get lost in the crowd and its a shame. I played the PS3 demo not really expecting much at all but was very surprised. Its smooth, looks great and is fun. Its so cool storming a room and all the other guys are just helpless at low speed.

I've already seen this game cheap on X360 too. Anyone played that version? Does it run smooth?

5 days til Drake.

Charlie26883909d ago

I actually feel surprised it sold well at launch since the 360 version made the top 20 with around 110.000 copies sold and according to VGcharts game attach rate this game was like 3rd or 4th most bought game for the PS3 the launch week

devilhunterx3909d ago

the demo screamed "DONT BUY ME!"

xg-ei8ht3909d ago

The demo was okish.

But i don't think the reviewer was correct either saying that cod4 is photorealistic. That honour would have to be handed to crysis and then some.

Cod4 is a fantastic game and i'm playing it now on pc.:0

But its not photorealistic. It's got nice lighting though.

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