2012: COD Black Ops 2, A New Xbox & More

360 Magazine: Call Of Duty Black Ops 2, the XBox 720, the end of the console as we know it and crucial future gaming developments.

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DaveX3602576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

You mean 'Activision Presents: Man With Gun 2012, Starring Denzel Washington'.

Also, the new Xbox will be called the Ybox. You heard it here first.

jimmins2576d ago

More like Activision presents: one long cut-scene in which 'press X for controversial torture' comes up intermittently.

Biglet2576d ago

I expect Reservoir Dogs next time.

Skip_Bayless2576d ago

This is about Mass Effect 3. I always liked the series for its technical side and the dialogue trees. I never really liked the setting, the story, or the characters.

Other than the snow level in Mass Effect 1 and Wrex there's no memorable things really. Mass Effect 3 is going to be out on maxed out consoles so no technical or graphical leap there. Count me out on this game.

This being said Mass Effect 1 is a top 10 game this generation.

_Aarix_2576d ago

if that were true the xbox 360 would be Y box and the next generation xbox would be Z box.

DaveX3602576d ago

But what would the one after that be called?

irepbtown2576d ago

They probably think the world will end after that.
I mean, Lynx have made a 'end of the world'edition deodorant.

When we are here 2013 all and well, i'll be playing some GTA V.

joab7772576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

They should go straight for inox or soon there will only b one console that's more powerful than any PC and it will b made by apple. It will incorporate everything apple and they will rule the world. So its better to simply release the Ibox and prevent future world domination.

As far as cod and black ops r concerned, it will sell 10 million copies on day 1, 8 million paid for by r government as unemployment will b 14%. There wont b a new console in 2012 because activision says so. They aren't done yet and until they r forced to use some ingenuity, expect the status quo. Why invest more $ right now if ppl will fork over their last penny to u for a rehash. So, as cod goes, so goes consoles and PC's as they will b held back.

Star wars will release and sell many copies just like battlefield did, but everyone will return to wow because activision obviously has the best games and the most talented warlocks casting spells on their products. Ppl wont know why but swtor just wont feel right. Everyone will say that its a better game and its fresh and many hardcore players will b converted but the masses will nitpick things like hotkeys and menu animations to declare wow as the enduring king of mmorpgs...and then the next expansion will release and swtor will go free to play.

On November 3rd we will wake to see if we get 4 more years of misery or a Republican (what a hope or maybe some actual hope with alot of immediate suffering). But to r surprise, we will c that Bobby kotick is president and EA is under federal investigation. And then 7 days later...the cod cycle begins again.

banner2576d ago

It starts over...

Abox.... A-box

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princejb1342576d ago

funny article
all i read was the first part where it says

1.January 2012
Industry analyst Michael Pachter says that another Call Of Duty game will be announced this year and that it will sell “lots of copies”. He also states with unsual specificity that an asteroid 100Km wide at its thickest point will veer from its predicted trajectory and on 12 December at 0043:29, it will smash into the South Pacific Ocean near Easter Island and cause the extinction of nearly all species on Earth, including 98% of the human population.

i was like what?

caseh2576d ago

Personally I like Pachter's CoD predictions, its the only f*cking thing he seems to get right. :D

CarlosX3602576d ago

Um. I'm like "Doh!" Of course they'll make a new call of duty game next year. It's already codenamed Iron Wolf.

Berserk2576d ago

Man imagine the sales... New xbox bundled with Black ops 2.

DARK WITNESS2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

We already got Black ops 2, it's MW3.. oh wait no, sorry.

To be honest though, my pet parrot Baba could have predicted that.

ZippyZapper2576d ago

Doesn't Black Ops take place during Vietnam? That isn't exactly what I would call modern warefare since it's 40 years old.


@ ZippyZapper

lol, I think you are taking my comment to seriously.

CarlosX3602576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

I don't believe the next Call of Duty game will be called "Black Ops 2." Treyarch has a habit of changing names with their games.

World At War and Black Ops are different names. Iron Wolf may be a code name, but I believe the next game in the series will be different.

Aloren2575d ago

World at War didn't sell like black ops did. I wouldn't be surprised if they tried to capitalize on the "Black ops" name.

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DaveX3602576d ago

Extraordinary Rendition DLC, innit.

Wikkid6662576d ago

I actually laughed quit a few times... very amusing.

MidnytRain2576d ago

That's right, this IS the ninth CoD isn't it...

I wonder how long they can keep this up.

SnipeySnake2576d ago

Till people start using their brains....

IaMs122576d ago

Well, we'll be seeing a lot more COD then....

AmaZinG2576d ago

Actually Black Ops had more innovation than Mw3, altough i like Mw series gameplay, maps and guns better i have to admit when it comes to innnovation Treyarch is winning the fight over IW. The emblems customization, the weapons customization and alot more were awesome additions to Cod that IW didnt put in Mw3... I wonder why

Dailynch2576d ago

Black Ops' campaign really wasn't that good. The original Modern Warfare is still the best, by far.

PetitPiPi2576d ago

MW3's campaign kills the original MW. Have you played it? Probably not. smh.

Majin-vegeta2576d ago


No it doesn't MW3 story is a joke cod4 story is still by far the best MW story.

lsujester2576d ago

MW3's campaign doesn't kill anything, unless you bought the game for SP, then you probably killed yourself.

PetitPiPi2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

@ Isujester

I bought the game for SP, MP & Spec Ops. Why else would I buy the game? What a stupid comment on your part.

@ Vag

MW3's story is a joke? And you call yourself a gamer? lmao! PLEASE send me over your GT or PSN id. I need to see the games you've played.

Laxman2575d ago

MW is the best MW game, but CoD 2 is the best CoD.

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jdfoster2576d ago

I agree 100%. Though arn't you sick of buying a game with no new modes in at all (multiplayer wise) BLOPS had no new game modes in competitive multiplayer and mw3 only had 3 new ones!! But I agree with the innovation side and I enjoy the maps more in IW games but I do hate the maps in MW3! I do... i try and enjoy them but I can't. I liked the crisp, clean look of cod 4 and mw2 maps to the look and feel of mw3. I also loved every map in cod 5! But hated every map in BLOPS!


I am not really defending Blops of poo, I hate the game, but I am sure it had 1 or 2 new game modes.

You had the one were you start with a single weapon and every time you kill someone it would randomly change to something else.. or something like that.

I took blops back to the shop after about 4 weeks or so, so thats why I can hardly remember it but I know it had one or two new modes.

Grendizer2576d ago

cod4:MW has been,currently is, and will probably always be my favorite cod game

even to this day i go on and play it every now and then.