Haze - Special Video

The team take a behind the scenes trip to Free Radical's to show the work that is going into the development of PS3 shooter Haze.

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Meus Renaissance3948d ago

Definitely has caught my attention now.

ruibing3948d ago

The story and concept all seem pretty good, as long as the gameplay and graphical performance prove solid, this should be one heck of an FPS. Though I've never been as much of a FPS person as I am RPG, I just might make an exception for this game.

Meus Renaissance3948d ago

Is that an Xbox 360, or a 360 development SKU at 16:13?

Fighter3948d ago

Looks like they placed a cup of coffee or tea and a telephone on top of the 360.

Foliage3948d ago

I'm guessing they need the 360 kits for Timesplitters 4, or the unannounced LucasArts title.

At work we have a stack of the original xbox dev kits, but we are hardly using them any more. It could be leftover from the early stages of production on Haze.

Fighter3948d ago

I wonder if this game will be any good at all. it has been delayed to work with the PS3's specs therefore being canceled on the 360. Let's hope they pull this one off even though it will be hard to compete with Killzone 2.

Chubear3948d ago

It doesn't have to compete with or beat any other game. It jsut has to be a good game in it's self and it'll be fine.

Anyways, I'm not about to foolishly think that the developers responsible for incredible FPS games like Goldeneye and Timesplitters will all of a sudden make a FPS that won't be decent or just a mediocre experience.

HAZE will be incredible, the only thing is, should editorial reviewers low ball it with 7s & 8s, will gamers still support it or sheepishly follow editorial reviews yet again.

QuackPot3948d ago

Will be competing with COD4 and UT3 not KZ2.

Has some uniqueness to do good business but hoping it has usable aircraft and tanks to challenge UT3.

happygamer3948d ago

blackout monday dont support gamespot support jeff day!

Chubear3948d ago

-.- Jeff was an ass so ... WTF ever dude. Don't condone his firing but he's still an ass.

Fighter3948d ago

Jeff could've committed a crime for all we know. Maybe we shall wait for a proper explanation before judging the actions of a company.

shysun3948d ago

Gamespot will NEVER tell the truth! We already know why he was fired, asshole or not, it's not right.

happygamer3948d ago

the explenation of jeffs firing isnt probably coming big companies dont like to talk about employees

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