First shots of footy MMO

CVG writes:

"Football Superstars mixes massively multiplayer online gameplay with football to give you a more complete football career simulation on PC - an interesting concept, and we've got the first shots."

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Shankle3951d ago

Sounds very intriguing. Just wish they were making it for consoles.

MrSwede3951d ago

Isn't this like the Fifa 08 "be a pro" mode?

Evil0Angel3950d ago

they stop wearing top in football , only shorts (lingerie well do)

Juevani3951d ago

Nopp it sounds like an open world, Fotball GTA if im not wrong.. anyway, pls bring this to consoles..

YoMeViet3951d ago

Interesting...not a big sports game fan but could be worth a look at, but its a PC title so I'm a bit disappointed.

Eamon3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

You could choose one of the following:
1) Striker
2) Midfielder
3) Defender
4) Goalkeeper
5) Manager

Each of these classes have their own skills and levels except Manager would could be the "Football Manager" integration. If you dont want to train your character/player then you could start off as a manager of a team of NPC players until you make your team more famous or popular then buy players or sell players to win more matches making your team's rep go higher.
Striker, Midfielder, Defender, Goalkeeper could be just like other MMO games were you need to train them achieve a higher rep level (which would increase your price too). The aim is to be the greatest footballer out there and to play on the greatest club out there. =D

A dream GAME to football fanatics.
Also, it should be made onto consoles too and allow X360, PS3, PC integration not just X360, PC integration.

Shankle3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

I love the idea of being a member of a team in a league or tournament, but it could never work. People couldn't schedule regular online matches like that, unless they just did matches at weekends, but even then, what weekend plans would you be prepared to cancel in order to play a scheduled videogame match?
And even if they got around that, everyone is going to want to play as a striker. The defence just isn't popular enough.
I don't have a clue how these guys are planning to make this game work, but I'm looking forward to seeing if they can pull it off. I'd definitely be an attacking midfielder with an insanely powerful shot :D

PS The female footballers in those pics are very strange. Do the developers really think that anyone has hair like that? Well... maybe in the italian league....

princ3ofp3rsia3950d ago

That just sounds awsome! I'd be a winger or attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder Pirlo style...

If those things were true, then the managers will have a lot of work to do i.e contracts, transfers, keeping all the players happy...

About the schedules....surely most teams will have like 20 players, so they can cover absent players or a NPC could control the absent players character...

Lotto3950d ago

To bad pc gaming is dead

fermcr3950d ago (Edited 3950d ago )

to bad you are a moron fanboy

Why don't you think for a minute... do you really think big companies like Microsoft, Intel, AMD+ATI and Nvidia are gona let PC gaming die?

Shankle3950d ago

Eh, you both seem like idiots to me.

Lotto3950d ago

I was begin ironic. So many claim that PC gaming is dying blah blah yet we see a new game(again) only for the PC. But anyway about what you said I agree with you except for the MS wont let PC gaming die. Lately I have this feeling that they dont give a sh!t about PC gaming with DX10 and vista begin utter crap if you ask me

Eamon3950d ago

"Too bad PC gaming is dead"
isnt really ironic.
If you wanted to be just a little ironic. You could say:
"Too bad football gaming on PC is dead."

More people play football games on consoles than PC

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